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Yoga can sometimes be an intimidating endeavor, therefore Katelin Sisson (also mama to Minnie James, who’s name I’m obsessed with!) and Heather Lilleston, founders of  Yoga For Bad People/all around rad humans, are on a mission to make yoga playful and approachable. With a brand ethos that basically includes all of us, YFBP is crafting getaways around the globe fueled by a belief that everyone can benefit from their curated wellness retreats!

SO, naturally we invited them over for a humor filled convo on yoga (obvi!), sex (couldn’t help ourselves), getting your body back after baby (with one tip you must try) and the benefits of “me-time” on a yoga retreat (hello! where do we sign up?). Join us and get ready to go on your next adventure! @yogaforbadpeople

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03_051916_ 194The benefits of going to a retreat are…

Time to dedicate to your practice without the distractions of everyday life.  

  • A chance to have a vacation that doesn’t leave you feeling tired and out of shape
  • Time to meet and hang out with a crew of great people 
  • Space to get some time alone if you need it
  • A week to work on meditation 
  • Maybe finish an entire book?!
  • We plan it for you. You don’t have to do much more than book a flight and show up. 


From the MOM perspective – on the importance of  “me” time: Of course we’re most happy when we’re with our kids. But it’s a fact that we’re better parents when we feel that we’re also able to take care of ourselves. That’s a tough accomplishment in the very early years of your babies life, but it gets easier and more and more vital. 

Always always remember that taking care of yourself is a selfless act. 

A better YOU means that you will be a better parent for your baby (whatever age your baby is).

Best retreat location for YFBP: BRAZIL

Most popular retreat location for YFBP : CUBA01_051916_ 829

How do you know if a retreat is right for you? Timing is everything. After that, the location the climate and the teachers hosting. These are all key elements. 

Also, your retreat should not put in financial stress, it will take away from the experience. We have a relatively wide range of retreats varying in cost. 

What are the 5 reasons we all should be going on a retreat STAT!?

  • You’re exhausted 
  • You’re pale 
  • You haven’t had a reason to wax in a long time
  • Love stress and/or work stress
  • You need focused time, but also need a serious vacation

01_051916_ 728Do you believe retreats give you a new perspective? How could they not???

Do you recommend going on a retreat alone and really engaging with the other people on the retreat or to go with a friend? We have seen people have a perfect time in both scenarios. We have a ton of people travel solo and even share a room with another solo traveler. 

It can also be a perfect best friend or couples getaway.

Do you think yoga retreats should be combined with other activities like surfing? We’re big fans of offering opportunities for multiple activates for people throughout the week. We rarely plan excursions ahead of time as we want people to feel that there’s a freedom to their free time. 

Surfing and yoga go beautifully together. We tend to travel to places that have great surf. We always have some that surf daily, some that take one or two lessons and some that are happy to be on the beach, feet in the sand.  01_051916_ 24Do you have to be a yoga expert to go on a YFBP retreat? We love non-yoga experts. We have a very, come as you are, no levels, everyone is welcome, come with an open mind approach.

What’s the difference between a yoga retreat and a wellness retreat? To us “wellness” implies a broad stroke of unspecific activities designed to make you feel better or heal certain things. What makes each of us “well” is a very individual thing.  

Yoga also encompasses a broad range of practices but is a bit more specific as a subject. It really depends on the teacher, or whoever is guiding the retreat – and we feel like it’s important to know who you’re going with – or at least have some understanding of who is guiding your “wellness” process. This word is thrown around a lot these days “wellness experts” aren’t necessarily “experts” at least in our opinion. After all what is an expert in wellness? So for us, we feel like the term has diluted what actually occurs during the process. Maybe one could say the same for the term yoga too …


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