There are Valentine’s Day gifts, then there are Valentine’s Day gifts. The difference? Italics equals stuff you would really want even if it wasn’t a token holiday meant to make some people feel loved and others a bit shitty about themselves (sorry, couldn’t help it!). I’m most definitely not a VDay hater – it’s hard to get down on a day meant to spread love, affection, sex and all that other fun stuff that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. What I am against are gifts without much thought behind them and that don’t take the recipient’s interests and likes into account. I mean, if you are going to spend the time and money, give something your loved one will genuinely cherish.

So that’s why I’ve curated a list of Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t suck! We’re talking lingerie you’ll actually want to wear, PJs that are so adorable I bought them before I even got the chance to put them in this shopping feed, rose colored sunglasses and beauty products that will make you feel as fab as you look. And if you don’t have a Valentine this year, order one of these, include gift wrapping and a card and make it out to yours truly!

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