An ongoing series about real life love stories (i.e. in real life #IRL) wherein we feature the everyday, the romance, the beauty, the messiness and the reality of keeping it all going as two+.

In light of the state of the world and our thirst for love we continue to explore what keeps couples together or reunited. Lauren and Simon, co-founders of Hello Sitter – an game-changing app for hiring vetted sitters on the fly! – are mom/dad to darling Ady. This duo works together and keeps the spark alive – bright and light, this is their story… @hello_sitter

On how you met:

She said: Back in London I was a temp receptionist at the company he owned – it was my first real job out of University and I loved it. Shortly after I started, there was a “company-night-out” thing, that only senior executives were invited to, however I managed to snag myself an invite as someone senior (not Simon) fancied me.  It was an intimate dinner and at some point in the night Simon ended up next to me, we bickered over office gossip from the dinner to the taxi to the night club and through the rest of the night – needless to say the other guy was not too impressed.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. When I got a text from him the following day saying “How much of last night do you remember? And don’t worry it’s impossible to get fired!”

He had a bit of a reputation in the office, plus all my friends and my brother warned me not to go out with him – but I did anyways. I told him I wasn’t interested in being another one of his flings and he swore he had no interest in that either. The rest was a whirlwind and I can truthfully say I fell in love with him within a couple weeks.

He said: Met at work. Boss and an assistant. No, it’s not cliche AT ALL.

How long have you been together?

She said: 7 years. We moved in together after two months and moved to America 1 month after that. We were on a plane every few weeks for two years, traveling and in a wonderful bubble just the two of us. Then I found out I was pregnant. Adrienne was not planned and we were not married – it was hard because it was something I really wanted (marriage) and Simon did not. Having Ady was the best decision we ever made, albeit not the easiest.

Having a baby is also the hardest thing you can introduce into a relationship. Suddenly your life is totally different, you’re sleep deprived and navigating something so new and foreign. Shortly after having our daughter, we grew apart – him further than me and our relationship no longer worked how a partnership should. We broke up and he moved out. I did the whole single parenting thing for a period of time – hats off to those that do that!

Even though we had broken up were best friends, always had been and I believed always would be and we vowed to never stop being a family. It grew harder and harder for me and I had to create some distance, I wanted to be those families you see that are separated and all hung out but I wasn’t capable at that moment in time.

After a few months of being separated, we got back together on his birthday – I knew there would never be anyone else.

He said: 7 years – I think.

On knowing they’re the one: 

She said: I just knew. From day one. I had never met anyone that inspired me like he did and in the next breath doing anything that would make me laugh. He is my always.

He said: We broke up after 4 years a baby together. I remember clearly this one day walking down the street in New York and had this really powerful thought that my life won’t be the same without her and I want to be with her forever. At that moment I went to her apartment and told her.

Babies before marriage or marriage before babies?

She said: Baby before, two years after we met. Married in Las Vegas with a four day epic celebration that I would relive every year if I could. We will celebrate three years of marriage this summer (Ady will be five in Fall).

He said: Babies first. We’re from Europe.

The proposal:

She said: We already knew we were getting married before he actually proposed. We went to Vegas to look at potential venues. I was actually not talking to him because I was incredibly angry that he had not proposed and didn’t understand why he couldn’t do it whilst we were there – I was in fact a total bitch!

He was of course planning on proposing that weekend and had flown my best friend and her boyfriend in from the U.K.  We took a helicopter to the Grand Canyon – as this is where we were thinking of getting married – and shortly after we arrived a second helicopter landed with my best friends on it. Suddenly Simon dropped to one knee. It was beautiful. There was a lot of crying. 

We married a few months later in the exact same place, followed by dinner at the same restaurant and ended the night in the same club.  

He said: Grand Canyon. Helicopter. Her Best friend from England was on it. I dropped to one knee with a big ring. Partied in Vegas. We a have video.

Key to keeping it sexy:

She said: We go out together a lot. We’re very similar in that partying is where we both relax – those nights when we’re just the two of us. No parents, colleagues, talking about expenses or errands but just two people in love.

What do they say – those that rage together stay together (ha!)

He said: We go out together quite a lot. We’re also pretty open about sex fantasies and sometimes act them out.

A kiss you can’t forget:

She said: The night he said he wanted to come home. The missing piece of my puzzle was found and being put back in it’s rightful place. That moment will be one that I won’t ever forget.

He said: Wedding day. Just after getting married.

Love is… ?

She said: Waking up next to the same person every day and being thankful that the world brought you together.

He said: The person you can see every day and never be bored.

Crazy romantic thing you did:

She said: Some would say that giving up my job plus my friends and family to move to America with a man I’d known for only 3 months was crazy! To me it just made sense, I had finally found home.

He said: Probably. Marriage proposal.

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