Every bit as charming as she is stylish, Arielle of Something Navy is a trailblazer in her industry AND to our excitement, having a baby (it’s a girl!). So obviously, we’re over the moon and beyond thrilled to share her pregnancy style… after all, I’m coveting her preggo looks and I’m not even pregnant! Join us for a morning hang with the loveliest Arielle chatting about how she met her hubby, plus some awesome pregnancy fashion tips and beauty finds. @somethingnavy

Photos: Lauren Kallen @laurenkallenphotoMINIMODE-Arielle-Somethings-Navy-21

3 quick pregnancy style secrets/tricks: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Powder to enhance my glow. Oversized dresses with knee high boots so you don’t have any sort of constraint on your belly. Getting a blow out; having my hair done just makes me feel like putting myself together and getting myself ready for the day.

3 staples of your closet: Knee high boots, they are my go to so I don’t need to wear pants. T by Alexander Wang long sleeves and APL sneakers.

Brands and silhouettes you have been wearing/loving throughout your pregnancy: I have been avoiding buying maternity except for jeans. Everything I’m buying is just a size up and it kind of works out being pregnant in the winter because you can pretty much still wear all of your big cozy sweaters. I love oversized sweater dresses; I bought all of mine from SHOPBOP. Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans are my go to – they are the best brand for maternity because they keep the leg size the same just add the stretch to the waist.

Love about pregnant fashion that you can’t do while you’re not preggers: I love my new accessory; the bump to me is so sexy. I guess it really depends though, I’ve always been on the smaller side so my husband can’t tell me enough how obsessed he is with my fuller figure. I think that makes me feel a lot sexier during this process. With dresses and tight tops it looks really beautiful, also it makes your legs look smaller 🙂 I’m also looking forward to going away in a few weeks and sporting bikinis with my bump – should be interesting!

Biggest challenge to dressing when expecting: Feeling like yourself. Your body that you’ve known your whole life is taking on a completely different shape, it’s so weird to throw on what you are used to wearing as your go tos that you know you look good in. It just changes. It’s also hard because you see yourself so much differently than other people do, we notice every lb. we gain whereas other people think you still look the same. I think the challenge for me is finding tops that are longer, since all of my shirts and sweaters are becoming shorter as the bump grows. 


Looking forward to wearing again post-bump: Skinny jeans and a fitted button down tucked in with a belt and MY HEELS!!!! I miss them oh so much. 

Your preggers uniform: Oversized sweater dress and knee high boots.

Accentuate the belly or hide it? I’m more about accentuating it. I like wearing more fitted tops, when I wear big tops it just makes me look bigger all together.

Possession you’ll never throw away: My body pillow and my Mama Mio cocoa butter, I’ll continue to apply that post baby. Everything actually, I never throw anything away… I’m a collector and it’s fun to wear things I haven’t worn in awhile.

Favorite vintage piece of clothing, jewelry, accessory: I have a gold chain necklace with a black coin that my mom gave me and it’s so chic and really makes any outfit ten times cooler. It finally made its way back to me as it goes through rotation between my sisters and me.

Greatest fashion moment and greatest fashion regret: Greatest fashion moment: My wedding weekend. Greatest fashion regret: My Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s.

Every woman should own: A black leather jacket. 

 Looking most forward about being a mom: Being a mother in general and spending every moment with our little girl. I just can’t wait to meet her.

On dressing your baby: Oh my god, I can not wait for that. I already have so much stuff but it’s all for a little bit later on. I think in the beginning it’s all onesies and whatever will fit her but after that I think I’m going to become more obsessed with shopping for her than I was for myself. I love all of the Stella McCartney Kids, their stuff is SO cute.

On ‘Mommy and Me’ dressing… Yea or nay? YEA!!!! For sure. I am so into that. Especially when it comes to shoes and coats 🙂

As a trailblazer in your industry, on change and where it’s going: I think the change really began with Instagram. It’s so much better now that our followers can get a quick fix – I don’t know where it will go but I’m down for the ride!

The future of the  ‘Something Navy’ brand: I would love to one day branch out and create some sort of line; I’m still deciding what that will be. For a while I was thinking of creating a maternity line but I’ve really noticed how much I didn’t want to invest in maternity since it really is only needed for a few months. Maybe I’ll be super into children’s clothing. Shoes? Who knows!

Can’t live without: My husband.

Beauty discoveries for pregnant women: Mama Mio Body Butter! It’s the best for stretch marks.

Fitness routine while pregnant: Unfortunately no, I tried yoga and hated it so I pretty much just walk everywhere. I can not wait to work my butt off once I have the baby. I miss it so much. I miss my trainers at the PE CLUB!

On how you met: Funny enough we grew up a few blocks from each other and never met. Fast forward we were both on vacation with our families in Cabo and were introduced by my sister. We started dating during that trip and have been together ever since.

On how he proposed: In our apartment on Halloween – it was absolute perfection.

Your home’s aesthetic: Clean and simple. I think my interior stems from my house growing up. Whites, beiges, wood and lots of flowers.

Mom crushes: My mom, my cousin Candice and Miranda Kerr.

Best pregnancy style: Miranda Kerr 🙂 

First fashion memory with your mom: My mom has always let me dress the way I wanted to dress, I was the girliest of the three of my sisters. I would never take off my white patent leather “party shoes” – my mom is my ultimate style icon and she has influenced my style in every way possible. I only hope to be as chic of a mother as she is! I can’t ever remember a day in my entire life where she wasn’t put together and dressed to the nines.



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