Planning a trip for you and your main squeeze? Need a little inspo? Look no further than recently launched site, 100GramsofSun – sure to never leave you in short supply (trust).

Founded by dear friends, husband and wife duo Nanda Hampe and Bartolemo Toto – she a model, he in finance, together they scout the world for extraordinary destinations. 100Grams of Sun, tells the story of travel via wanderlust imagery – all shot on an iphone, btw(!) – then offers recommendations as to where to visit plus what to see in each locality.

Take a scroll through their instagram @100gramsof sun (and now on the site) to discover the places, fantastical situations and wild scenarios they’ve dreamed up – each locale is cast with a range of characters including flamingos, giraffes, elephants, camels and more, set in picturesque niches around the world.

With a motto of “Let’s play – don’t grow up” The founders of this awe-imspiring site encourage us to see the world through the wide eyes of a curious child. As Nanda, notes “Children live in the present moment and see the world in a different a light – a brighter one.”

So, without further ado, we tapped Nanda for her travel must-haves and top destination to hit up with your partner in crime.

Warning: You will want to book your flights upon first sight.
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 9.33.42 PM5 key travel essentials if you’re only taking a carry on: 

Bikinis – all shapes and colors, you can never take enough! Best suits are from Kiini!

Gigantic scarfs that double as a travel blanket – I am always cold on planes and when traveling in the early morning hours. A favorite brand of mine is Lisa Kling.

Mophie extra i-phone battery – I’m constantly out of battery and we take all pictures on the iphone!

A photo prop – It could be anything from a Flamingo Float, to big hats or vintage cameras. Usually we decide on one prop per trip. I often find cool props on

AND! Phil, my teddy bear, he hasn’t missed a single trip with me in the past 20+ years. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 9.35.23 PMOn your favorite destination+hotel that you and Barto have visited: 

Thailand. Sri Panwa in Phuket.

Perfect to go as a couple or as a family. Secluded luxury but lots of action and party if wanted. 

A simple hack when researching a location before going:

The obvious is we research a ton online, but a simple trick we do is we check the various hashtags related to the location on Instagram to see what a place ACTUALLY looks like AND in what condition it is in at the moment. Most people post in real time, so this is usually a great indicator to see the weather conditions, hotel conditions, etc.

On the most “can’t miss”  awe inspiring, geographical wonder: 

Red Lotus Lake in Udonthani Thailand. It’s surreal.  1000’s of pink water lilies naturally grow and bloom in this lake seemingly in the middle of nowhere and as far as the eye can see – the only place in the world you can find this. I would recommend coming to witness this natural wonder in late November or early January – but be prepared to rise only to catch them as they blossom from sunrise to 11:00 am.MINIMODE-NANDA-HAMPE-04For a little romance, a couple should go: 

To the Amalfi Coast! It’s magic. I have lived there in the past and we return every summer. Although we have been there year after year, each time we still discover new romantic corners. Make sure to visit the Grand Hotel Tritone, Praiano (this is where the stairs are in the picture below 🙂 Italy is love. 

For a “sporty adventure”, a couple should go 

Go to Jericoacoara in Brazil is an amazing spot to go a some surf. (and kite surf)  It is also a little adventure to get there as as of right now there are only stone streets leading to Jericoacora. From there do not miss to visit the Lencois Maranhenses!

And for a city trip, a couple should go

Since I always love myself some colors, great food, stunning architecture and a cool city beach, Barcelona. Easiest answer.MINIMODE-NANDA-HAMPE-01There are so many pics of you and animals, how do you get those shots?  

Pure luck! Animals are unpredictable. But usually food helps. And not being scared of them helps, too. They sense it if you are 🙂

3 tips for couples looking to take the perfect holiday photo: 

+ One of the best tips someone gave us when we first started and so I’ll pass it on – always catch the light. 

+ When editing your photos, make sure to straighten the horizon, it adds to the quality of the image. 

+ Lastly, I find it gives an image a pop to wear a colorful dress especially in contrast to nature.MINIMODE-NANDA-HAMPE-03

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