I felt clueless when I first became a mom… there, I said it. When Kaia was a few months old, I’ll never forget sitting in a music play group with a bunch of local moms I barely knew and feeling so unskilled in all things mommy just because I didn’t know the words to any of the children’s songs! I recall thinking, how in the world do these moms know all these lyrics? Is there a class you can take? How to Sing to Your Baby 101??

I eventually learned the lyrics to all those songs, as I continued to learn many things as a new mom in New York City. One of my favorite learnings was where to shop for my MINIs because I discovered all these fabulous gems of stores that inspired me and allowed me to learn about cool new brands for my little towheaded cutie. So here are my favorites – no class on this needed.

Kisan: A concept store known for their amazing global finds for women and children, it’s impossible not to lose yourself when you enter this Soho store. It’s an inspirational place filled with unique and beautiful items but also features children’s brands we love such as Soft Gallery and Bonpoint. The fashion items are seamlessly displayed along with books, toys and jewelry, making this the perfect place to take your MINIs.


Yoya: When you walk in Yoya, you walk into a magical place where fashion, art and design co-exist. It’s a neighborhood store with an international appeal, where you’re just as likely to see Keri Russell as you are the chic mom who lives next door. Yoya focuses on simple and beautiful products showcased in a modern and inspirational environment.


Les Petits Chapelais: This downtown French boutique is so perfectly curated by owner Dominique Simonneaux, you’ll want to buy every item you see. Dominique uniquely pairs items into creative, fun and vibrant outfits that you and your MINI will love. With it’s accessible mix of international brands, you can visit again and again and never get tired of it.

1-Trico-field-636_0 Trico Field: I was so excited when I discovered Trico Field because I felt like I came upon something truly special. This Japanese import is where comfort meets fashion and true craftsmanship. Their clothes can be pricey, but they are so distinctive that other moms often ask where they came from because they are so unique yet so wearable.

TeichTeich: A family-run business and wonderful addition to the West Village, Teich celebrates small-batch manufacturing and handcrafted design. Mostly toys and books, this adorable shop is engaging and uplifting to parents and kids alike! My daughters love to go in to “ride” on their train while I get to discover amazing finds both big and small.



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