I recently started redecorating my girls’ bedroom, transitioning it from a nursery to a room that perfectly suits their big girl, wild child personalities. As a new mom designing a sanctuary for my infant, I erred on the side of spending. A lot. A trap many in beta-mom-mode fall into, relying on fancy sites and making sure everything is “perfect.” Here’s the thing – you can get that same kind of perfection without spending a ton. Plus, another thing you learn as you graduate to mom-who-knows-her-shit is that children inevitably destroy their rooms in ways both big and small. From wall frames crashing down to covering a brand new white desk in stickers (true story – my daughter’s response: “mom, it’s not about furniture, it’s about people!”), MINIs wear and tear through things with surprising ease. And so I discovered the wealth of fabulous kids decor items at Target.

For those who have never shopped for home items at Target, please reserve judgement until after you see the chic, clean and quite frankly, cool pieces they carry. From a teepee that will absolutely transform a playroom to a bedspread that looks like it came from that infant site I splurged on seven years ago, you do have to sift through things to find the gems but there are indeed gems and many of them at that! Luckily, I did the sorting for you here, choosing the items that we deem MINIMODE-worthy.

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