Like many others on the internet, I discovered the South Korean facial mask Hanacure via a pretty creepy looking photo Drew Barrymore posted to Instagram in which she looked… well, see below. This gel mask that pulls so tightly on the skin when it’s dry that it totally warps your face and, when you move even the tiniest bit, forms cracks all over. Kind of making you momentarily look 100 years old but ultimately leaves you seriously more youthful looking. In her post Barrymore wrote “when you take it off you are 10 years younger” and “it makes you look so fresh when you wash it off.”

Yes, chalk it up to another celebrity hawking a product but this one was indeed legit. Beauty insiders quickly became obsessed with the mask, which is only available to purchase through the Hanacure website right now. It’s made of its proprietary formulation, called the Purifying Compound which consists of peptides to promote collagen growth and botanical extracts to soothe and nourish skin, and together, they make one crazy, tightening treatment.

The kit includes three items, a Lifting Serum, a Gelling Solution, and a brush, which should all be mixed together. Begin painting the treatment onto your face, covering everything but your eyes and mouth. Once completely coated with the heavy gel, let is dry and sit for about a half hour… but no chasing after the kids during that time! Why? You can’t move. Or more precisely, you shouldn’t move. The brand recommends that you stay as still as possible to keep the treatment in-line and tout. If you’ve got an itch, Hanacure recommends fanning yourself, which, apparently also increases the mask’s efficacy After the allotted 30 minutes, rinse it all off.

Does it work? In a word: yes. Your skin really does appears tighter, brighter and smoother. For me, a miracle indeed!

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