There is one item that always populates my closet, no matter what the season: a hat. For a working mom who loves to workout and who, quite honestly, does not always have time to style her hair (OK, or shower!) as she bounces between meetings and dinners, school drop-offs and kickboxing class, this is most definitely a must-have piece. My hat obsession runs deep and for very good reason – hats are my forever fashion life-savers. You might not consider yourself a “hat person” but I say give one a shot this summer and you just may be a convert when you realize the outfit transformational power they have.

My Monday morning distressed jeans and plain white tee ensemble is bordering on looking sloppy, especially when you take the disheveled post-yoga hair into account. In a desperate attempt not to look like the crazed, time-strapped mom that I clearly am, I grab by favorite Janessa Leone Klint hat and throw it on as I’m dashing down the stairs (because waiting for the elevator in my “charming” West Village building adds another 10 minutes to my morning commute). “You look so chic!” proclaims my 9am meeting. I guarantee you that complimentary comment would have taken a very different direction should I have left the topper at home. What’s my point? One of these 10 hats will make your life easier and your outfits chicer this summer, that’s all.

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