When I had my first daughter Kaia I would walk her around our West Village neighborhood in her stroller and parents of elementary school children would often come up to us and coo over her chubby little arms and cheeks, inevitably saying “savor this time because it goes by so quickly.” It happened so often that my husband and I often joked about it, especially during those sleepless nights and challenging mornings when there seemed very little to savor! But how right they were – it does indeed go by so quickly. And I now wish I was able to call upon those early memories a little easier.

As a person who is a serial purger and hates clutter, I regret to say I didn’t keep too many things from my girls’ baby years. For a while I had some items stored in a plastic bin under the bed but those did not survive one of my infamous “streamline the apartment” moments. Thankfully, someone chose to address this dilemma we all face as parents – the longing to preserve special items versus the urge to purge. In a digital world we often crave something tactile, which is exactly what Savor is helping you hold onto with their beautiful, organized, and well-thought-out storage boxes for the important objects from your kids’ childhood.


As the mom co-founders put it, “It’s the objects that tell the stories of our lives. We believe they deserve more than the plastic bin into which they are often shoved.” They put in all the thought into categorizing items, so you don’t have to. After two years of researching and prototyping, designing and redesigning, and interviewing countless parents, grandparents, organizers, retailers, archivists and others, to get the details just right, they launched The Library – handmade, book cloth-covered boxes that are the antidote to the ugly plastic bin. With a clever labeling system to boot. So if you’re looking for just the right thing for a beloved neatnik new parent, search no more. And sometimes it really does pay to be a procrastinator. From now until December 16 they are offering 20% OFF (promo code: LATEBIRD20) the purchase of one keepsake library and 25% OFF (LATEBIRD25) the purchase of two, plus free shipping!


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