What is it about MINIs and all the “stuff” they collect – or rather, hoard I should say? These “very special items” aka junk, seem to find their way into my house on the daily. There have been times that Alba will come out of her room playing with something that I’m pretty sure was trash from our car which she managed to smuggle into the house and reimagine it as a purse. And while I applaud her imagination, I’m always nervous about the state of her room – never mind the fact that she has the toy purse plus a real purse and every other toy she could want, but somehow that trash is more fascinating. So, to beg the question, how do we simultaneously appease their hoarder habits while teaching them about organization and keeping their room clutter free? The answer: A well-thought-out storage plan. I’ve implemented several in Alba’s room – lots of baskets and clever under-the-bed scenarios. Whatever the combination, if you facilitate a few of these ideas you’ll be much more at ease next time you see an item of trash doubling as a make-believe shoe for your MINI, because, at the very least, you’ll know that it’ll be neatly stored away at the end of the day.

MINIMODE-STORAGE-UNDER-BEDThe bed is prime real estate that is often poorly employed. You want to avoid a situation where everything is simply shoved under the bed, unorganized and never to be seen again. Instead look for creative ways to carefully store costumes and toys neatly – think vintage style suitcase or designer baskets that can remain exposed because they are so cute or perhaps consider having a pull out drawer built to fit under the bed.

MINIMODE-STORAGE-09 MINIMODE-SUITCASE-ROOM-STORAGEMINIMODE-UNDER-BED-BASKETSMINIMODE-STORAGE-BUILT-INSBuilt-ins are genius but definitely a more in depth project that requires commitment plus higher cost, but if you are looking to invest in MINI’s room, this is a fantastic way to go. Everything gets stored away at the end of the day – simple, easy and done. This could also allow for opportunities to combine play or sleep areas into the design.


MINIMODE-STORAGE-BAGSBags and baskets are a personal favorite, as they are flexible and can move/change with MINI’s needs. Also both can fairly easily be added to most spaces with little in the way of investment and offers a quick solution to storing.


MINIMODE-STORAGE-HOOKSI love a good hook situation and with all of the fun options on the market, you can have fun with where and how these are placed. In our house Alba has a routine when coming home, jacket and backpack are hung immediately on her hooks to avoid a toss on the floor scenario.

MINIMODE-KIDS-STORAGE copyMINIMODE-DINOSAUR-HOOKSMINIMODE-HOOKSMINIMODE-STORAGE-TrunksTrunks like baskets offer a lot of flexibility and often can easily be added to a space. I love a trunk. Think about placement and type, some can double as a bench at the end of a bed while others can add texture to a space.


MINIMODE-STORAGE-COLORDepending on the room an armoire is a great way to add a substantial amount of storage. A creative way to reimagine a vintage find is to add a coat of paint that fits the color scheme.

MINIMODE-STORAGE-ARMOIREMINIMODE-VINTAGE-ARMOIREMINIMODE-ARMOIRE-SHELFMINIMODE-STORAGE-CUBESAdd dimension to a room plus they are a great way to display tchotchkes or “special items” especially if you have a somewhat naked wall available in MINI’s room.

MINIMODE-WALLPAPER-CUBEMINIMODE-CUBE-SHELF MINIMODE-HIDEOUT-STORAGEMINIMODE-STORAGE-COLLECTIBLESFor those items that are more display worthy, especially great if MINI is invested in collecting a certain set of  “special items” this is another, more streamlined approach to displaying.

MINIMODE-SHLEVES-LOWPROFILEMINIMODE-SMALL-SHELVESMINIMODE-SHELVES-DINOMINIMODE-STORAGE-SYSTEMFor those looking to truly organize, create a color coded system of bins that ranges from one bin per toy/game or a bin per genre of toys. What ever system works for you, this can bring much calm to the chaos.

MINIMODE-COLOR-BINSMINIMODE-RED-BINSMINIMODE-SYSTEMMINIMODE-STORAGE-TUBSSimilar to the bags and baskets, tubs and wire baskets offer a level of toss-it-in-and-go flexibilty that you may be after. You can play with color here and different size shapes to add interest.

MINIMODE-PINK-BINSMINIMODE-WIRE-BASKETMINIMODE-THATCH-BASKETSMINIMODE-STORAGE-BOOKSBooks can look amazing on display when properly organized plus MINI may be more likely to gravitate to an area that is carved out for reading.



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