Ah, the elusive perfect baby gift. We could never find it, so we made it! Cashmere baby booties, a blanket and beanie that is soft as a baby’s… well, you know! At a price that’s accessible while also being socially-conscious and having chic black packaging with the most adorable illustrated goat you’ve ever seen? Yup, you just won the baby shower lottery. Oh, and did we mention the colors? Check them out below… they’re just that good.

MINIMODE has partnered with Naadam, a luxurious cashmere brand that sources the finest fibers while preserving the tradition of its herders in Mongolia. – have you heard of them? If not, you NEED to know who they are, what they do and how they create the world’s most luxe cashmere pieces at prices that seem too good to be true. “We believe in designing ethical, luxury fashion using innovation to redefine sustainability,” says founder Matt Scanlon. And by cutting out the middleman, the herders are paid more while you’re also pay less for the goods. Genius, we know.

All photographs by @ashleysargentprice



But now we’re here to talk about babies. If you’ve ever come in contact with one (and I have a feeling you have!) you’ll know that these little munchkins are basically some of the softest things around, so it’s only right that they’re swaddled in the softest raw Mongolian cashmere. This is a gift that has no season and never goes out of style: a blanket to wrap them in, a beanie that’s cozy and booties that are simply adorable, all package in a chic black pouch and box. We nailed this baby gift thing, if we don’t say so ourselves. Shop the limited-edition collection before it sells out!


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