It’s no secret that friend, actress, Your Zen Mama co-founder and major mama Sarah Wright Olsen is super focused on sustainability, and transparency, therefore when I told her about our collaboration with socially-conscious cashmere brand Naadam – a company rooted in luxury fashion and innovation with a mission to redefine sustainability at non-luxury pricing—Sarah couldn’t wait to get her hands on our baby blanket, hat and bootie set for her daughter Esme.

Mamas, if you’re looking for a meaningful gift to celebrate a friend’s new baby, this is it—it’s one of those things that you’ll want to pass down, mother to daughter.

All this to say, when I sat down with Sarah at her home in LA, we covered a lot of ground—everything from daily ways she practices sustainability, to why passing things down (literal and informational) is the foundation of motherhood plus why she’s passionate about creating a safe community to share and learn for parents. @swrightolsen

Photos By: Chelsea Prestin

As a mom, do you make an effort to dress your children in brands that are conscious of the environment and/or are sustainable? As much as I can yes. When a company gives back to charity, and/or makes sustainable choices and creates a product that is not harmful to the environment, its where I want to put my money. 

Did you start paying attention to these things once you became a mom or prior? Becoming a mom opened my eyes to so much of the world I didn’t understand prior. I have always been a very passionate person, but having children grounded me and helped me to see what I wanted my focus to be. It made me want to be better and live a more conscious life. 

When you do purchase a baby item, as a gift or for your own baby, do you consider whether it’s something that can be passed down? It’s hard for me to spend a lot of money on kids clothes, they grow so quickly. But, when you find a timeless piece that you love I think its pretty special that you could keep it in your family for generations. 

In what ways do you practice sustainability at home?  We have our own garden where we grow small batches of veggies and fruit plus we try to shop local, organic foods at the farmers market. In addition we repurpose, and donate clothing plus shoes. 


Tell us a bit more about Your Zen Mama, its mission and the types of topics you like to focus on. We created Your Zen Mama as a safe community to share and learn. We love that village mentality, and truly believe everyone has something to offer. It’s a unique experience to not only be a frequenter of the site you can also be a contributor. We like to focus on anything related to pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and care taking. 

What’s next for the brand? We have a lot of plans that we hope we can roll out in the next year for YZM. Its our other baby, and we put a lot of love into it.  

Can you give us one tip on either love, life, parenthood or friendship? I think it’s important to teach our children love, kindness, and empathy through role modeling.  There are so many teachable moments, but they learn the most through what they see.


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