Mona-Jane Hannemann or Rocamoon fitness expert and regular contributor (aka @rocamoon) is the definition of #fitspo with abs to die for and a focus on workouts for busy moms. She effortlessly and seamlessly incorporates fitness into her life with days that include hiking, running, surfing and circuit training. Bonus – she often trains with her son alongside her, so no excuses ladies(!) – kid or no kid around – you can do this!

Who’s looking for a flat stomach? Say aye!

Given that everything generates from your core, making sure it’s strong is key to the rest of the body looking great. And these days, it’s no longer just about painstakingly cranking out as many crunches as you can in a sometimes fruitless effort to strengthen your core. In fact now, with so many other non-traditional core-training drills available you can toss the sit-up from your arsenal of moves – trust. Why is this? Well, with all the sitting and hunching we already do, the old school crunch only exacerbates our already bad rounded postures, which as you can imagine is no bueno.

Plank Oblique Crunch, which keeps your spine neutral (not rounded) is key – in conjunction with what you’re eating. Get a head start on the summer and squeeze in a few of these bad boys from home – even when your MINI is around – and as crop-top season rolls around, you’ll be feeling AH-mazing!

Plank Oblique Crunch

+ Begin in high plank position, shoulders over wrists, neck and spine in line, core engaged.

+ Contracting at the core, crunch the knee to the opposite elbow, keeping the butt down

+ Extend the leg back into a rear extended leg lift

+ Bring the knee laterally to the elbow on the same side

+ Extend the leg back again and then lower to the ground to start position.

+ Repeat on the other side.

Watch the full video with the move broken down below in detailed description on how to perform the sequence. Suggested to do 3×20 reps (10 each side), 30 sec rest between.

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