Last month my girlfriends and I were sitting around a table at one of our favorite West Village restaurants talking about what many 30- and early 40-somethings like to debate and discuss – nope, not politics (we need a reprieve, please!) but skin. How to care for it, what products to use, to inject or not to inject and the like. Then friend number one brought the attention to friend number two saying “I want your derm’s info – your skin is always glowing.” She, gasp, doesn’t have a derm! Nope, it’s a product. Now she had all our attention. “It’s just my MAC strobe cream,” she declared, telling us that ever since she started wearing it a few months back she gets regular comments on her luminescent skin.

If your a fan of beauty blogs you most definitely heard of “strobing” about a year ago. It was said to be the follow up to contouring, promising a dewy yet sculpted look. Not being a fan of contour makeup, I immediately wrote it off – too much work, will look fake, dewy equals shiny and shiny is a no no. Now, however, my curiosity was piqued. If I can have skin that looks even anything like friend number two, I’m in! So I took it on a test drive for a week.

MAC Strobe Cream is basically a highlighter but so much more. It uses iridescent pearl particles to give you that glowing-from-within look and botanicals and antioxidants to help hydrate your skin. One dollop of the stuff over moisturizer makes skin look near-perfect and perhaps most importantly, it feels great on your skin. You can apply it to your entire face (I like to mix mine with a bit of my regular daily moisturizer) or just choose to highlight key areas like your cheek bones and below your brow. It really works. My strobe week was filled with questions ranging from where I get my facials to what skincare products I use. Even my MINI got in on the game – “mama, you look boo-tiful.” Now what’s better than that?

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