There is no other clothing item on earth that gets my girls as excited as a bikini or swimsuit. Once we bust those out it can only mean two things: vacation or summer; both equally fabulous. And once they put on their swimwear, it barely ever comes off. My five-year old likes to pair her triangle tops with maxi skirts and denim shorts long after she’s left the beach… it’s so damned cute we let her go with it.

It was therefore major news in our family that some of mom’s favorite designers are now making beachwear for kids. These brands are not just taking their adult cuts and miniaturizing them, but rather are infusing their design ethos into kid-friendly suits that perfectly strike a balance between fun and fashionable. Here are the ones you need to know:

Vibe: Hawaiian Surfer Girl
Why It’s a Must: brilliant colors and prints in sleek yet slightly boho designs… you’ll have a problem choosing a fave!

Vibe: Buoyant Beach Baby
Why It’s a Must: adorable patterns that are not too precious will appeal to both mom and MINI equally

Vibe: California Cool
Why It’s a Must: a mom herself (and former Mom Crush!), this designer knows how to create swimwear that’s cool girl chic

Vibe: Poolside Pretty
Why It’s a Must: the most feminine of the bunch, these designs feature Marysia’s beloved, signature scalloped edges

Vibe: Hippie Chic
Why It’s a Must: with powerful prints that beg to be pool (and beach!) side, these suits are made for mini bohemians


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