The first time I met Zanna was at a dinner with friends, and I was immediately smitten. Every bit as charming as she is stylish, kind and hilarious to no end; she is the real deal. So after some crazy coordinating, we managed to swing by her place one morning to fawn over her Preen collection, dance around in a sequin skirt (from Target that I need/want) and play dress-up with her MINIs. Join us for a sunlit hang with the loveliest Zanna, chatting about her latest health discoveries (so good!), her road to having twins, oh, and the fact that somehow amidst her insane schedule as the Senior Fashion Editor for Marie Claire USA, an E! News Fashion correspondent (recently returned home from the Oscars) and Project Runway All Stars mentor she literally JUST launched Milk Makeup. I’m kinda obsessed. @zannarassi @milkmakeup

Photos: Lauren Kallen @laurenkallenphotoZanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-21

Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-58MINIMODE-ZANNA-ROBERTS-RASSI-07Zanna Roberts Rassi-MiniMode-01
3 Beauty tricks that instantly refresh your look when you’re in a hurry – especially for moms-on-the-go:

+ One swipe of bright pink lipstick – Lip Marker in TKO is my fave! Best bet in back of cab.

+ Cooling Water to depuff skin and under eye bags (I use a lot on planes).

+ If only time for one thing – Its concealer on the go. Once skin is even – you look 100 times          better, without anything else.

Recent health discoveries:

+ Bee Pollen for prevention against all the horrid germs flying round at this time of year!

+ A B12 shot! Especially during fashion week!

On your morning and night skincare regime: Morning – Rapid! Shower, Body Crème by Keihl’s all over, Sunshine Oil all over my face and Milk Makeup natural deodorant – I’m finally a natural convert!  Night – Remove make up with Sunshine Oil – it moisturizes and hydrates overnight. On serious skin abuse days (i.e. lots of makeup from TV) I apply Sunday Riley night face oil after removal.

What does putting on makeup look like for you each day?

+ Conceal with MMU concealer stick – nose, under eyes and a little on eye lids for even skin tone.

+ Stila 50 Watt Foundation all over, lightly!

+ Milk Makeup Eyebrow gel pencil in Pale Ale.

+ Lashing of Milk Makeup Ubame mascara.

+ Milk Makeup Matte bronze on cheeks and temples for contour and tan.

+ Milk Makeup Highlighter in Lit on cheekbones, eyelids and cupids bow (fyi: top of lips)

You started wearing makeup when… I was probably 11 and I would steal my big sister, Paula’s lipstick. It was called Twilight Teaser by Rimmel. A purple haze. I was obsessed and would sneak off and wear it in my bedroom.

First makeup purchase: Tanning ‘balls’ from The Body Shop!

Advice for women looking to expand their horizons with makeup: Think of makeup as an accessory which is way cheaper (and more effective) than a new handbag! There is more than ONE look that suits you – I promise! 

 Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-69
Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-52Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-15Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-37MINIMODE-ZANNA-RASSI-ROBERTS-09Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-30Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-78You have been fairly vocal about your journey to motherhood, do you have any advice for women trying to get pregnant? Persist! Get advice and then get more advice. Second opinions are essential. Find friends who have been through the same thing. You will get there. There is a way. I promise.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A psychiatrist! I studied it.

Advice to yourself about being a mom: Be super present when you are with them. Put down your phone.

On the type of role model you want to be to your girls: They will always know that mummy goes to work, and that will be very normal to them. I want them to have a great work ethic. I hope to teach them strong values and morals BUT above all else, to be NICE!

On meeting your husband and how he proposed: I met him at MILK!! I was over from the UK on a beauty shoot (at the time I was the Marie Claire UK Beauty Editor). We were introduced to each other in the lobby. For some time we went back and forth from NY to the UK and we would meet all over the world, Iceland and Rome, etc. Until out of nowhere I was offered a US position from Marie Claire and I seized – moved to NY. Oh the irony….Beauty at Milk….cut to today having just launched a Milk Makeup line. He proposed in a field of  cows in the UK.

As parents: Rassi is a phenomenal father. We are both big kids at heart so playing hide and seek with our girls is such a giggle. I’m a planner, he’s a doer. Together we get $hit done!

On deciding to launch Milk Makeup… Milk Makeup is a natural extension of the Milk culture and community. From the packaging to the formulation, the line represents an original answer to essential beauty products – everything was made to fill a void or fix an issue. Milk’s girls and guys are self-aware, super driven and uniquely stylish. They’re all about quality over quantity and go out of their way to curate their lives with meaningful products and experiences that work with their fast paced lifestyles. We want her to be able to change her look in five minutes in the back of a cab (because she’s running late) using super impactful color without a mirror or tools. We want her to use only quality, non-toxic ingredients on her skin that feed and protect. We want her spend less time getting done up and more time getting things done! We empower her and make her life simpler by being as hard working, multi- tasking and mobile as she is.

We love the packaging… what was the inspiration? Thank YOU!! The general philosophy on the packaging was: everything you need – nothing you don’t. The Lip/Eye Markers were inspired from our love of art supplies and wanting to inject some fun into the packaging. We put the money in our formulas and made the packaging chic, light and minimal. The secondary’s are all made of recycled materials and our face wipes are biodegradable.

On being different: We’re a unique group of partners coming from very different backgrounds. MMU wasn’t born in a boardroom! Mazdack Rassi is the co-founder of Milk. Georgie an award winning film director, Dianna a product development genius, Frank B. a legend makeup artist and myself, a magazine editor. We approach every aspect (from packaging, to formulations to creative) with our own POV, which has manifested into a line that’s multifunctional, impactful, on trend, eco, and non-toxic.

3 staples of your closet: Preen Dresses (I collect them!) + Target Mickey Mouse T Shirt (the kids love it) + Burberry leather moto jacket (I would cry my eyes out if this ever were to go walkies!!)

Has your style changed since becoming a mom? Yes!! I wear an awful lot of onsies and dungarees. Simple!

Every women should own: A good lipstick that can take your mood from blergh to bright!

‘Mommy and me’ dressing. Yay or nay? Yay, but with limits! I often find I’m in dungarees and so are my girls… I think the same vibe as each other is cute, but when its identical outfits, it gets a little weird – especially as I have twins!

Your teenage style was… Questionable! I had a short crop and most people thought I was a boy. I was very experimental with style but never felt more at home than when in high waist jeans, doc marten boots and my plaid bomber jacket. It was the 90’s!

On your daughters’ style and your favorite brands to dress them in: They like to pick their own fun dresses out. They usually wear them over jeans and striped T’s. We let them experiment and I let them go out like that. It’s expression!! Rumi likes my 5 inch Burberry boots which she can walk in phenomenally well and Juno loves her Adidas Stan Smiths. Plus, I’m a HUGE fan of MinixStyle – they have the coolest pieces – prints and oversized silhouettes. And the girls have Preen Baby Dresses that I’m obsessed with. Plus Tori Praver has a super cute line at Target that I love!

Naming your MINIs: Rumi is a Persian poet and Juno is an ancient name meaning queen of the heavens – the protector of women and marriage. 

You start and end each day… The girls usually wake me with “Mummy, Mummy”. They have their bottle and we listen to one of their playlists – usually chill or classical music. We have played this to them since birth and they’re surprisingly into it!

Breakfast is interesting. They are not big eaters, which is massively stressful for any mum! This morning was not a super mum moment – we all ate a packet of Malteasers and cheerios! Eeeek. Weekends we are much better. Full English!Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-29MINIMODE-ZANNA-ROBERTS-RASSI-03

Zanna Roberts Rassi MiniMode-56


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