If you were to seek out the definition of a healthy, fit and stunning mom, we’re fairly certain that Vanesa would top the list of suggested women. With larger than life stories such as modeling for Helmut Newton, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior, traveling the world since she was a teen, writing for Harpers Bazaar and marrying the former captain of the Barcelona Soccer team, Carles Puyol (FC Barcelona) – which, if you’re a soccer fan is basically a very big deal – to say the least, this beauty has lived a life rich in adventure.

Originally from Spain, she’s graced NYC and Paris before landing back in Barcelona. With a stellar modeling career in toe, her latest venture is about to be released – a book on her yoga practice accompanied by breathtaking imagery which will inspire you to book your next yoga class STAT!  Join us for a conversation about the importance of mental hygiene, over all wellness and how yoga and motherhood are inherently connected. @vanesalorenzo_

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Makes you feel sexy: Confidence.

Advice to your younger self: Don’t let a broken heart take your energy away and focus on positive thinking. It’s crucial to keep your mental hygiene up.

3 staples of your closet: A timeless man’s cardigan, flat ballerinas and a cashmere scarf.

Most cherished item in your closet: Not in my closet, but rather in my jewelry box: a vintage bracelet from ABC NY I gifted myself when I signed my first campaign in NY. 

Fashion philosophy: Be true to your identity – if you’re authentic, it doesn’t matter if it’s on fashion or not.

Has becoming a mom changed your style? Not at all – but I try not to wear heels when I´m going to the park, hehe.

On your latest collaboration with children’s brand The Animals Observatory: It was an honor bringing some of the key elements from my women’s collection to The Animals Observatory – it’s been an amazing creative process!

I aimed to create a unique collection with an explosion of color and a touch of eccentricity mixed with bold patterns and soft textiles that encourages kids to be free and express their humor. Inspired by my two daughters, I adapted the Tibet vest and Nico pants for kids and created a few new pieces to complete the fun and colorful looks.

Natural beauty tips that instantly refreshes your look – especially for moms-on-the-go: The best beauty tip is to have a good rest. I love a siesta, I’m from Spain!

A beauty secret: It’s not recent one but it’s one that I’ve been using for many years: homemade exfoliant with coconut oil and brown sugar.

Your morning and night skincare routine: First step in my morning and night skincare routine is always cleaning. A fresh and clean skin can be moisturized better.

Can’t live without: My family and laughter.

Most memorable ‘on-set’ experience: It was an honor being in front of Helmut Newton’s camera. 

On becoming a model: I started at age 11 doing TV commercials and my first movie. I always liked being in front of a camera and my mum knew this since I was very young.

On meeting your man: We still don’t know if we got together at a lunch by accident or if our mutual friends set us up – we always debate.

As a kid, what did you want to be? A dancer – I grew up doing classic ballet dancing and I adored it!

App that most changed your life: Instagram. The truth is sometimes it stresses me out, but I still enjoy it! I’ll continue to use it while it brings me inspiration from other people and the possibility to share my point of view to the outside world.Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Wellness is… Everything. Health is fundamental. We only have one body and one brain, we better take care of it.

Fitness routine: I try to practice Ashtanga Yoga three times a week, but I enjoy any kind of training, especially when it’s sharing the moment with other people.

On how you eat: Balanced and conscious. Coming from a Mediterranean culture it’s easy to maintain diversity in the food where veggies and fish are always present. Although I do incorporate Japanese gastronomic culture because I love it and it makes me feel great.

On how your relationship to exercise changed since becoming a mom and teaching your children about the importance of fitness: It has been a while since I don’t approach exercise from only an aesthetic perspective and even more so after becoming a mom. My goal now is to continually improve my strength, flexibility and encourage a calm mind. It’s not easy to find the time with 2 babies in the house, but if I only have 20 or 30 minutes I’ll do a few sun salutations. I believe strongly that if I keep in good shape, I will age better – both mind and body.

On your upcoming Yoga book launch:  In life, you find things that you feel the desire to share. Sometimes you bring many positive aspects, that desire becomes need, and almost an obligation. In my case, yoga is one of them.

While writing this book I have lived one of my most important life changes, motherhood. With my first daughter already in the world and the second growing inside me, yoga has accompanied me and made me enjoy every step, every detail, every feeling. It has also helped me throughout pregnancy.

Yoga has been with me for over fifteen years and I think it’s time to share my experience, therefore I wanted to create the book I would’ve liked to find when I was taking my first steps. With a friendly, simple and honest approach.

I invite you to discover an ancient practice that can change your life.(Available November 10th)minimode-vl-yoga

On the start and end to your day: For the past 9 moths I’ve been starting my day with a tiny little face next to me, looking through the crib. Unfortunately, my mornings don’t start with meditation as much as I would love that, but rather those curious blue eyes give me enough energy for the day. And I end my day with another two blue eyes, my first daughter, asking me for a story.

Advice or inspirational story for someone looking to transform their life through food and fitness/yoga: That’s exactly the content and idea of my book, to inspire people to find complete wellness and enroll into a healthy lifestyle through yoga and good habits. A simple phrase to always remeber: We only have one body and we better take good care of it. It´s our true treasure (body and mind). 

Your fitness uniform and brands you love: Lately I’ve been trying Stella McCartney for Adidas and Alo Yoga.

Do you believe that yoga makes you a better mom? It taught me to be present, so it helps me enjoying every moment with my kids; i.e. putting the cellphone aside

What keeps you energized? My daughter Manuela’s energy and humor is contagious. And of course, healthy habits with food: eating enough carbohydrates and proteins throughout the day.

vlyoga6-mmIf you could live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or the body of a 30 yr old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want? Wow! that´s a very difficult choice. I’d like to have the mind of a 90 year for wisdom and experience but the body and cells of a 30 years old, hahahahahahah! Basically the fountain of youth!

Biggest wellness struggle: Definitely keeping up the “hygiene” of the mind as I like to call it, because I think it’s easier to understand. We are taught from a very young age how to keep our bodies clean and the importance of dental hygiene and showering every day. However in our culture nobody teaches us from an early age how to keep a peaceful and positive mind, how to use breathing and meditation to control our emotions and calm our mind. So keeping mental hygiene is definitely the pending subject that I have to keep working on – mindfulness. As our body and mind will always be connected. 


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