Oozing with authenticity and raw beauty, Teresa is as real as they come! Originally from Australia she lives between Oz and LA with her husband Mark Webber and their son Bodhi – plus one on the way. As her acting career explodes – with 7 films being released this year – she recently launched Your Zen Mama as a sister site to her Your Zen Life with our latest MomCrush Sarah Wright Olsen, wherein they have sought out to create a celebrated community for moms, dads and caretakers.

We sat down with Teresa and chatted about everything from the ah-inducing way she met her husband (a la digital age) to her daily skincare routine (which is simple and basic in the best way possible) plus this genius app that you’ll want to download immediately – I already have!  Join us for an inspired moment with Teresa  @teresapalmer @yourzenmama

Photographer: Chelsea Prestin  @chelseaprestinphototeresa-palmer-minimode-hero

teresa-plamer-minimode-05 teresa-plamer-minimode-04teresa-plamer-minimode-08On meeting your husband and how you knew he was the guy for you: I met Mark through Twitter actually! I tweeted about the trailer to his film “The End of Love” that I had just seen and been so inspired by. He started following me, I started following him (that term sounds creepy!) and then he asked for my email. I did a Google search and found that he was a single Dad, a vegan and he grew up homeless, that was enough to make me interested so I gave him my email. We emailed for 40 days before meeting face to face and we fell in love through our writing, getting to know each other’s spirits before anything physical.

App that most changed your life: Blinkist has become quite the staple App in our household. It’s a quick way to “read” books. It’s aimed at people who are time poor but eager to learn more. It’s essentially breaks down the main points of a book (called “blinks”) and gives you easy to read access to the key insights behind books you’ve always wanted to read but haven’t quite got around to reading yet. It takes about 15 minutes to “read”  or listen to the “blinks” of some amazing non-fiction books. It’s where I read all of my spirituality and philosophy books.

On raising consciously minded kids: The definition of conscious minded children are kids who really get close to themselves, know their emotions, can find perspective, lead from a mindful place, are loving to others, have a desire to seek happiness and  to continue to want to be a seeker in the world. One of the most important things in life is to really get to know oneself and love oneself unconditionally. To lead firstly with love and compassion and the rest will follow. Just being in that kind of head space leads to positive change to all those they encounter.

Did becoming a mother change your perspective on the world? It’s changed every aspect of my life. All of my interactions, experiences and adventures are connected in with my son because the world is so much more vibrant now that he’s here. Every sensation, color, feeling, moment is richer and deeper since becoming a mum. The frequency of the world has changed for me.teresa-plamer-minimode-13

teresa-plamer-minimode-15As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? I was such a swinging pendulum, one day I wanted to be an actress, the next day a tv presenter or a midwife then a teacher or a paramedic – I was always changing my mind! I remember when I was about ten I settled on an actress AND a stay at home mum, which funnily enough is exactly the two things I do!teresa-palmer-11

On living between LA and AustraliaI love living between both places, Adelaide is so calm and very different from Los Angeles – our home is situated on 10 acres of land there. It’s beautiful to be able to provide both kinds of experiences for our kids. In LA there’s a wonderful community of friends, restaurants we love and a lifestyle that feels really laid back. There’s a focus on the film industry in LA so in contrast it’s nice to have such normality in Adelaide – nobody cares if your film did well at the box office there! 

Most memorable ‘on-set’ experience: When I filmed Point Break we travelled around the world and to one of my favorite places Tahiti! We found ourselves swimming with stingrays in the crystal blue ocean and diving off huge catamarans that they had hired for the day of filming. My husband and son Bodhi got to be there with me and we had such a remarkable adventure together.

With so many films launching this year – character you identify with the most: Yes I have quite a few being released this year! I worked solidly the past 2 years and I’m now in such a relaxed space with it all, it’s nice having this downtime. I relate to all of them for many reasons, some because their family dynamic is similar, other’s because they’re mothers or aren’t afraid to show vulnerability. I usually end up drawing upon my own life experiences in one way or another when playing a character.teresa-plamer-minimode-12

Any recent health discoveries or secrets – especially throughout your pregnancy? Dr Shulze’s Air Detox spray is an amazingly refreshing spray for the air and it also detoxifies any surface you’re on. I like to spray it on my pillow at night time or in my airplane seat before I settle in for a long flight. It’s a mixture of Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lime Eucalyptus oils and it gives me an immediate ‘pick-me-up’ feeling.

Morning and night skincare regime: You can never start caring for your skin too soon. As early as age 25, many women begin to show the first signs of aging in the form of fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet and loss of skin clarity and radiance. To help address these first signs of aging, I use the ARTISTRY Youth Xtend Collection day and night. I also always make sure my skin is clean of makeup before I fall asleep.

3 Beauty tricks that instantly refresh your look when you’re in a hurry – especially for moms-on-the-go: Coconut oil on the face to give yourself a dewy look, some bronzer for a little glow and Supreme LX by Artistry for a good moisturizer.

Makes you feel beautiful and sexy: I feel beautiful when my body and face is all oiled up using my new favorite lemon scented belly balm, I’m wearing a long flowing bohemian dress from Free People, no makeup and I’m sporting my baby bump with Bodhi in tow.

Makes you feel energized – especially as a busy working pregnant mom: Essential oils in a long warm bath feels so rejuvenating, if I can manage that once per day I feel as though I’m cultivating enough self-care to stay energized the rest of the day.

Fitness routine while pregnant plus fitness tips for getting back in shape post-pregnancy: I have definitely been exercising whilst pregnant- I do 3-4 two hour hikes per week and 1-2 tabata style exercises that I do with my trainer Jeff (see my Pregnancy Fitness Vlogs on YZM!) getting back in to shape after Bodhi was all about breastfeeding. My body really responded by dropping excess weight from all the breastfeeding Bodhi was doing. That in conjunction with eating a clean and nutrient dense diet helped me shed all the baby weight and then some. I would’ve incorporated exercise if I wasn’t seeing such a significant shift in the baby weight through nursing and healthy eating alone.teresa-plamer-minimode-113 quick pregnancy style secrets that instantly make you feel better or transform your look: First: Wrap dresses! They always work beautifully well with a bump and you can tie them above your belly which makes a flattering shape. Second: Comfortable flats and loose flowing pants! I don’t want an emphasis on my bottom during pregnancy so the looser the pants the better – I feel! Third: Hair tied up in a top messy bun to counteract all the extra heat going on in your body, Less Sweaty Mama = Happy Mama! 

Brands and silhouettes you have been wearing and loving throughout your pregnancy: Free People all the way! Their clothes are so flowy, beautiful and a lot of the dresses have a high hippie-like seam which sits perfectly above the bump. It’s very bohemian which is my favorite kind of vibe to wear. This pregnancy I’ve been wearing so many more dresses than the first time around. I love the freedom to move in dresses instead of wearing maternity jeans which feels too constricting for me.

Every women should own: A simple thrown-on black knee length dress with no seams, no ties or anything fancy. It can be dressed up or down and also be worn on a plane or during a long car ride and still be very comfortable!

Your teenage style: As a teenager I wore very little clothing haha!! Everything was super tight, very short, cropped and showing as much skin as possible! Blame the Spice Girls!

Bodhi’s and Issac’s personal style: Bodhi was wearing a lot of tight leggings and oversized T-shirts very Isabel Marant haha! His clothes are very gender fluid, now he is moving in to a very earthy vibe, tie die, knitted cardigans, flowy african printed shorts. Isaac is just about dead opposite to Bodhi, he wears whatever he can find- usually a soccer top and soccer shorts, he has zero interest in fashion and will wear anything at all if it’s the closest thing to him! 

teresa-plamer-minimode-06 minimode-swo-09You started the website Your Zen Mama with Sarah Wright Olsen. How did that come about? YZM is the sister site to Your Zen Life and it’s a space for all parents and caregivers to have a voice plus connect and share stories. I think we need more positive parenting communities out there where we celebrate what connects us rather than fixating on what divides us. We need to embrace, encourage, accept and inspire each other on our parenting journeys and that’s what Your Zen Mama sets out to do. It’s such an honor to have created this space with Sarah, she’s such an inspiration to me.

How you and Sarah met: In LA at a brunch. We sat next to each other and discussed all things babies! We both were giddy over our desire to become mamas so it’s pretty special that 6 years on we’re both mums to 2 children that are so close in age.

Advice on launching a business with a friend: My advice would be to find a friend whom you feel deeply connected to and that you know you can have a very open and honest communication with. Sarah and I have that, I know we could go to each other at any point down the road with concerns, ideas, issues and we would hold such a loving and supportive space for each other. Find someone equally as passionate about your project and someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Your role versus Sarah’s in Your Zen Mama: Sarah and I switch out roles, initially she was doing more uploading the posts and social media and I was doing the emails, editing and scheduling. Now we both do all of it. We’re in communication at the beginning of the week about outreach, who’s posting, ideas, schedule etc. it’s such a beautifully equal and collaborative process.



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