First things first. MM and Sofia go way back — it was Sofia that confessed here and shone a light on the humor that can be motherhood. She’s nothing if not cool and authenticity is her calling card— just being in her orbit makes you feel exponentially more interesting by osmosis. We caught up with this sassy mama between photo shoots and running after her toddlers to get the lowdown on what it was like to grow up with a mom as a public figure, being baby obsessed and sex. @thesofiakarvela

Where did you grow up? Athens, Greece and London. but I really GREW up in NYC….

A woman you’re inspired by? Charlotte Gainsbourg. Authenticity really turns me on.

What was it like growing up with your mom as a well known public figure in Greece? Awful. I still have severe fear of failure and all sorts of other shit. But she is divine. My mother.

What was your own mom’s parenting style? Sort of liberal I would say.

Do you think you’re similar to your mom when it comes to your own kids? Absolutely not. The only similarity is the obsession. I’m obsessed with my kids the way she is with me.

How did you meet your husband? I first saw and fell in love with him in Mykonos. We played rackets at the beach without saying a word to each other. A year later he introduced himself to me and we decided to move in together almost immediately. 10 years now of numerous break-ups and make-ups plus the intense years that followed when we had Niko and the reality is my heart has belonged to him from the very first moment we met. We almost didn’t make it and then we had another son. I want more, but he doesn’t know.

What’s it like being sober for 8 years? Life has no blur.

Your worst habit? Chewing gum and sticking it on walls.

Your best quality? My hair. Oh and I’m giving.

A “mom fail” moment? Ask my kids. I think I’m fucking perfect.

Anything different about today’s mom vs. the moms of previous generations? No idea. Not much makes sense to me. I just really like my kids and spending time with them.
Do you think it’s important for women and mothers to take time for self-care? I didn’t for a while. Motherhood is a great excuse to eat shit and not workout. Although, I think it’s important to honor your existence whichever way you want.

How did you start as a stylist? was bad at everything else.

Other projects you’re working on?

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? Anything that gets me as far away from being me.

Your top beauty secret? Like yourself. It works wonders.

Your daily uniform? Jeans, boots and sweatshirt.

Every women should own? A men’s shirt.

Your teenage style? I was chubs, so the style was to hide that somehow – clothes gave me anxiety. 

What do you love vs. not love about being a mom?  I don’t like the sleeplessness and wondering if my kids will ever be bullied, sad or hurt. But, everything else I like – no, I love.

Do you workout? Yes. Soulcycle. Mantas Zvinas is my man.

What makes you feel sexy? Sex.


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