Rooted in a personal philosophy that change begins with her, this blissed out mama exudes high vibes – an energy that has us aching to live and love bigger! Hailing from Kentucky before landing in LA, Sarah is an actress, entrepreneur and co-founder of Your Zen Mama with fellow actress and mama friend, Teresa Palmer.

We caught up with Sarah and her MINI at home in LA just before she gave birth to her second child – which she did shortly after our visit, to a little baby girl named Esme. Congrats! We chatted about her latest venture, holistic treatments she discovered while pregnant, how a shower can be the ultmate ‘me-time’ and her go-to pregnancy brands. @sarahwrightolsen @yourzenmama

Photographer: Chelsea Prestin  @chelseaprestinphotominimode-swo-07

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be? To be able to see 24 hours into the future.

On meeting your husband: We met working on a TV show for Fox back in 2005.

I didn’t know he was the guy for me right away… but as I got to know him I wanted him to be. He was passionate, smart, loving, strong, fearless and confident. He made up everything I could have ever have wanted in a partner, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. This year was our tenth year together

Did becoming a mother change your perspective on the world? It changed my perspective on everything. Giving birth to my son at home naturally was very empowering for me. It felt so good to be that connected to my body and I was truly in awe of what women are capable of. It was a turning point for me and I think it helped me see that I could do anything in life. And now as I’ve grown into my role as mother to Wyatt, everything makes sense. I always wanted to be a mom, and when I met him I wanted to do everything I could to make the world around him a better place. I want to be better, more loving, motivated, less stressed and a strong role model, every time I look at his little face.

On the start and end to each day: Every morning my little blonde alarm clock yells out “Mommy or Daddy” and one of us will grab him out of his crib. We either grab a book to read or start making breakfast. We have family breakfast almost every morning, and dinner together every night with a few books and a couple songs before bed.

App that most changed your life: I think I use my YELP app more than anything. There’s nothing we love more than finding great new restaurants to try.

On creating space for yourself: I give myself time to go for a yoga class or pilates once or twice during the week. Or I will escape for a walk, or take some time to read during his naps. When you’re a mom you have to work hard to make/take the time to do this. It has to be part of my weekly schedule if it’s ever going to happen. I love having my date night with my girlfriends, we usually have dinner around 6pm and are home around nine thirty cause we all have to be up early with the babes.

Makes you feel beautiful and sexy… A shower. Haha! As a mom, every shower feels like a vacation in Hawaii. When I have showered and washed my hair I feel like, “SUCCESS! I did it! I’m clean!”  I also LOVE wearing essential oils. I have a very strong nose and smell has a huge affect on me. Jasmine and Vetiver is what I am wearing right now.


A recent health discovery or secret – especially throughout your pregnancy: HA! This is a great question. I’m going to do a post about this insane health routine I attempted during my last few weeks of pregnancy because I tested positive for Group B strep. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a normal bacteria found in our bodies but if it makes its way down during the end of pregnancy it can cause very serious issues for the new baby. You have to receive Antibiotics during labor. I attempted to get rid of it and I brought my numbers way down and would have been able to knock it out completely if I had more time. I was using yogurt, and garlic inside of me… and also eating yogurt, raw garlic, sauerkraut, bubbies pickles, taking probiotics, vitamin C, Echinacea premium, drinking Kombucha, and using a sitz bath every day that had tee tree oil, apple cider vinegar, emu oil, and epson salt. Like I said, this almost worked and it was bananas. I loved learning as much as I could about this and trying to get rid of it all naturally with food and vitamins.

Morning and night skincare regime: I wash my face with a cleanser, then I use a toner with lavender and rose water, and a face oil or moisturizer depending on my ever changing skin due to hormones.

3 Beauty tricks that instantly refresh your look when you’re in a hurry – especially for a mom-on-the-go: I love using my Juice beauty tinted moisturizer to brighten my skin. I will also spray toner on my face, and wear mascara.

My new favorite product is Beautycounter Balancing Face Oil. I love what they use in this product and it makes my skin feel amazing plus it gives me a glowing look.

Beauty products you swear by: Beautycounter: Balancing Face oil, Dr Hauschka: Rose day cream , Jordan Petersen: Clarifying Toner, Moroccan oil light for my hair, Epicurean Kukui nut after bath lotion, Tart matte lip stains, Jane Iredale makeup, Tom Ford: Bronze and Josie Moran: cream blush

Makes you feel energized: Productivity and a walk in the fresh air. Also coffee, and a delicious breakfast.

Your fitness routine throughout your pregnancy: I think walking is very important when you’re pregnant. I try to walk about 3 miles a day a few days a week. And in my first trimester and some of my second I did pilates. I love doing prenatal yoga, it clears my mind and makes me feel energized. 


minimode-swo-06minimode-swo-09Few quick pregnancy style secrets/tricks instantly transformed your look while pregnant: I loved wearing button down shirt dresses as a jacket with pants and a tank. Its classic and cozy.  I also LOVE wearing my jeans from Pea in the Pod maternity – a few great maternity jeans make a huge difference.

Brands and silhouettes you wore throughout your pregnancy: FreePeople!! LOVE this brand, so feminine and sexy and comfortable. My favorite maternity dresses are from Fillyboo maternity.  I wear a lot of Madewell which is not maternity but I love the clothes and have found a lot that has worked for me with pregnancy. Pea in the Pod has so many great options, Jbrand and Paige did collaborations with Pea in the Pod and both have great fits.

Every women should own: A Clare Vivier bag (my fav).

What was your teenage style like? I never had a specific style as a kid. I was always experimenting.. wearing frilly dresses with cowboy boots. I was obsessed with the 60’s and 70’s and liked to dress like a flower child for years.

Wyatt’s personal style and your favorite brands to dress them in: He likes to be comfortable. Right now he wants to dress like his dad. I would say he looks like a scruffy hippie surfer most of the time – hahaha! My favorite brands for him are hands down, Children of the Tribe & Yoli and Otis. Both are gorgeous comfortable kids lines. Also I like Rad Revolution, Kickee Pants, Zara Kids, Powwow Prints and Aviator Nation. These are family favorites. He’s also shoe crazy and loves to wear Toms Shoes, Vans, and Air Jordans.

On launching Your Zen Mama with Teresa Palmer: When we met years ago we were both obsessed with the idea of having children. When I became pregnant I invited her over and surprised her with the news and then a few months later she was pregnant as well. We had a dream to build a community for moms, dads, caregivers, doulas, doctors, and anyone in the birth world. We wanted a safe positive space to share our very honest stories about our experience and to learn from others about theirs. We love the village mentality and wanted to build on that concept.

How you and Teresa met: The first time I met her we were at The Grove in LA – I loved her coat and told my husband, so he chased her down to ask her where she got it. She said “Australia” and it hit me who she was. About a year later I was invited to a brunch with some friends and she was there as well. All we needed was about five minutes sitting next to each other and we fell in love. She’s my soul sister.

Advice on launching a business with a friend: Try to stay as organized as possible and don’t do it unless you are passionate about it. As tired as we are on some days working on articles or editing the site, we read a submission from someone in the community that is so inspiring it makes me grateful that we are doing this together.  I’m inspired by moms and dads every day – their stories, plus the drive to learn and share, makes me so happy to open my computer every day.

Also when working with a friend, it’s important that you have a relationship with open and honest communication that allows you the space to share your true feelings about something.

Your role versus Teresa’s in Your Zen Mama: We do all of the work ourselves, and have split up the tasks. We’re in a good flow. She’s incredible at staying on top of everything and I’m so impressed by her drive – it makes me so proud to be her partner. You want to work with someone that has a similar work ethic as you. It’s been such a beautiful journey building this site together, and seeing how it has grown in such a short amount of time has been a dream come true.



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