As a fellow Cali girl (and I swear I’m not bias, ok, maybe a little… we do kind of rule), Rebecca is an all around cool girl. Beautiful (with legs for days) yet genuine, through and through. The first time we met was at a (loud) kid event, and while hard to hear each other, I knew that she was the real deal. Since spending some time with her, I realize how fortunate I am to know such rock-star mamas, with Rebecca at the forefront of the women in my life whom inspire me.

Recently, one spectacularly hot yet beautiful day in Dumbo, I made my way up to her loft for coffee and a chat. Greeted at the door by her kids Bowie and Luca with ease and good vibes, her home is just the right mix of laid-back and put together, lovely and cool (a little as she is). We spent the morning chitchatting about raising littles, supporting our lady friends and how she launched her brand. Join us for a morning well spent…@rebeccaminkoff

Photographer: Lindsay Brown @lindseabrown www.lindsay-brown.comMINIMODE-REBECCAMINKOFF-07

 On how you launched Rebecca Minkoff: After developing an affinity for design in high school, I moved to NYC to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer. I worked for a designer at the time and not only was focused on becoming successful, but I worked every position in that company to really learn how a business is run – from working in shipping and receiving, to managing the sample closet, to finally working as an assistant designer. My drive and focus really propelled me forward.

You run Rebecca Minkoff with your brother… a bit on working with your sibling: Uri has always been incredibly entrepreneurial and on the forefront of what’s happening in tech, so he has encouraged me to embrace technology and incorporate it into my brand in ways that make sense for my customer. He is incredibly business minded and always looking for ways to grow and develop our company. I am a bit more focused on the creative aspects with design, but it’s a really great partnership. We are very much in sync in terms of what is right for the business and how we want to continue to grow the brand.

On the first thing you ever designed: It’s funny, when I was younger I always wanted to be a dancer—I loved it so much. Sadly my height didn’t really agree with this passion. My first memory of fashion and designing was when I was getting ready for my Bat Mitzvah. I really wanted a beautiful blue dress that I saw at the mall. I told my mom I wanted that dress for my party, but instead of buying me the dress, she bought me my first sewing machine and fabric. That day, I made my first dress! It wasn’t perfect, but it was all mine.

Prior to launching RM: I worked for a designer at the time and not only was focused on becoming successful, but I worked every position in that company to really learn how a business is run.

Look forward to next for the RM brand? Kids capsule perhaps? Right now our retail store expansion is a huge focus that I’m excited about both here in the U.S. and internationally. We also have some very exciting partnerships and initiatives happening over the next year or so as well, but I can’t give too much away, just yet!

On how you met your husband and he proposed: Met at an artists’ hang out, he proposed in our apt after a series of attempts that I ruined by being bossy and wanting to play kickball in central park instead of sitting by a romantic lake. 



Life like pre-baby: A lot of sleep, great travel, and late nights.

On the names Bowie and Luca, for your kids: It was between Luca and Nico and he came out looking like a Luca. For Bowie it came down to about 3 weeks of listening to David Bowie (Luca’s favorite singer while I was pregnant) and it just felt right.

Kids’ nicknames: We call Luca ‘Hippy’ because he is very “go-with-the-flow” and we call Bowie ‘Corporate’ because she is so by the book and schedule-oriented. Facinating how distinctly different their personalities are – same parents, same home, yet completely different. 

Your philosophy on motherhood: Relax, treat your kids as much as you can as adults in little bodies and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Most surprising thing about motherhood: Your ability to become an insane multi-tasker but also let go of the small stuff.

On becoming a mom: I did, then I didn’t, then my mom said my ovaries were drying up, so I got pregnant! Now I wish I would have started earlier.

 Your mom… her parenting style and personal style: She was always playful and wanting us to have fun. It was a very do it yourself atmosphere which is hard on a kid, but made me the self-starter I am today.

Your mom crush style icons: You! (editor’s note: Thanks babe!), Zanna Roberts, Eva Chen, Taylor Tomassi, Jane Birkin and Kate Moss.

Teenage style: I dress very similar to the way I dressed in high school! I’ve always had a relaxed, tomboy style. I always wore relaxed tees and ripped jeans that were oversized and slouchy.

Teen celeb crush: Def Brandon and Dylan from 90210 (editor’s note: I was a Dylan girl all the way!).

Career you wanted to have as a kid: I always wanted to be a dancer

Advice would you give your younger self: It takes time, not everything happens all at once.

Characteristics do you value most in people and how do you see trying to encourage that in your children? Hardworking, independent and good communicators. I hope to instill a work ethic in them by ensuring they are feeling like they are exchanging with us. We let our kids “help” us all the time be it doing dishes (basically spreading water all over the kitchen), helping pack for a trip (unpack and re-packing) or helping us clean up crumbs (sweeping them all over). If they feel like they’re contributing or they’re trying and we validate this, it helps them learn to become better contributors to the family and, we hope, sets the stage for this later. As for independence, we want for Luca to be able to do this himself so we make sure he learns how to do new tasks rather than do them for him. It requires patience but it’s worth it!



 Beauty and exercise routine: For exercise I work out with my trainer, Kelvin at Body Space Fitness; he has been my godsend and go-to for the longest time. He always kicks me into shape and even that is an understatement. And for beauty, I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but when I don’t have to wear a lot of makeup I use a little bit of Stila mascara and June Jacobs moisturizer that makes you look like you’re wearing foundation but you’re not.

Keeps you energized: Coffee; a lot of it.

Makes you feel sexy: Dressing up for a date with the hubs.

Your fashion philosophy: Always pick out something that makes you feel a tad uncomfortable, mentally. You will usually get the most compliments on it.

 Three staples of your closet: Moto jacket, classic white t-shirt and skinny jeans.

Style/beauty tips for moms on the go: Keep it simple chapstick and some mascara! A travel-sized tube!

Favorite brands to shop for Luca and Bowie? For her: Stella McCartney (only when on sale) Egg, Theif and Bandit. For him: Little Marc and AKid, because he’s a boy and virtually stains, rips and dirties almost all clothes.

Happiness is… coming home to my children.

Can not live without: My family.




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