When we started our MomCrush series and began defining what MILF meant to us, Nicole Fasolino set the standard… she, being the ultimate MILF in every way – her beauty is beyond, she’s badass, inspiring and full of love.

The first time I met Nicole was years ago at her lovely hideaway on Shelter Island, our kids were only babies then and I was instantly intrigued. Some years later we reconnected at a dinner party and the love affair began. She’s my go-to -my love creator and advice giver.

While being a stylist by trade, she and Jenny Greenstein, launched The Future is Female Movement @thefutureisfemalemovement – a social movement for progress: to connect, inspire, share, educate, activate & empower all! We celebrate their efforts to vocalize the realities of the polarizing times we live in today – more to come on this profound organization shortly. Stay tuned! @nicolefasolino

Mom Crush: Nicole Fasolino

Mom Crush: Nicole FasolinoMom Crush: Nicole Fasolino
 The Future is Female Movement isSupportive, passionate, creative and kind women. It’s what Girls Who Dress Boys is founded on and it’s what The Future is Female movement is promoting. It’s what I’m trying to be daily plus what I’m furiously working to raise my children to understand.  We started this movement shortly after the election, both shocked and fearful of the incoming administration. Together, we’re bound to the belief that we could educate and advocate through a love based platform.

On why you no longer shop at Zara: It’s been 15 months since I’ve shopped at Zara and although it sounds like a pathetic first world problem, truth is, it is. I was a Zara shopper, almost weekly, until I realized the severe environmental impact fast fashion has on our planet. There’s a documentary called The True Cost Documentary and I now shop ethically made products only. Some favorites Freedom of Animals, GStar-Raw, Rutherswear, Reformation, Bionic Yarn and Naadam Cashmere.

A moment in parenting: Wanna talk bad parenting? Today during our hot chocolate date Luca blurted out “I know I came from sex.” And since I’d rather sleep covered in snow for the rest of my life than have to explain sex to him yet, I was oh-so-grateful for what came next. “Well I know what sex is, mom. It’s when little fish go into a girls [whispered and pointed down] pagimba. Is that why you wear a bikini in the ocean?” I told him yes.

On being at the March in DC: It was a powerful moment because of the energy shift that happened. The day before was so gut wrenching, my heart and head were so fucked from accepting this new administration. But the march, it was hope, it was strength, it was unity. 

 Mom Crush: Nicole Fasolino
Mom Crush: Nicole Fasolino
On what it was like to be pregnant for a second time: I feel like I should have been nervous but I was just so excited. I remember at the time being on this trip and taking a long walk on the beach by myself. I had this incredibly vivid talk with Indi before she was born, I felt so connected with her even before she arrived. We never really prepared, it’s just how we are. I think the most we did before she was born was to tell people that, “There’s (FINALLY!) another one coming!”

What it was like for your older son to welcome his new sister:  He told us, “I don’t remember what life was like before she came.”

On choosing the name India for your daughter: My son is an OCD soccer fan, so he was constantly weighing in with all these name suggestions of Belgian and Brazilian soccer players – the best were Hazard (pronounced in French: HA-zAH), Fellaini and Neymar. Needless to say, we didn’t go with any of those.

On the name Luca, for your son: I was hoping for a short name that was easy to pronounce in most languages, which also meant something beautiful. My family is Italian and I was in Lucca, Italy while I was pregnant. From there I went to Venice and had the most manly, sexy, blonde hair, blue eyed boat driver named Luca. I was like “I want my child to be just like HIM!” I never found out what I was having, but I knew from that moment on in my heart it was a boy and he’d be “a bringer of light.”

Nicknames for Luca: Too many. Luca Bear, Bear, Lu, Lulu, Lulu B, LB, angel bear, love child. And we literally call him all those things every day.

On India: She doesn’t say much, she eats whatever she sees, she stops to dance anytime there’s a beat, she kisses and flirts and laughs just to make you smile.

Philosophy on motherhood: Shit, I don’t have a philosophy. I just live it and love it. Luca and India are definitely my ultimate best friends, I take them all over the world with me and have since birth. But I’m also their mother and I don’t let then get away with things. I try to have at least one “ahhhh!!!!” moment with each of them every day. Something that’ll make them remember the day – a story, a painting we create together, a volunteer day, a soccer match, a diving trip, a shark adventure, a long walk collecting or drawing hearts around the city. Something to make the day ours.

Most surprising thing about motherhood: How easy it is. People make it out to be this big life altering, stressful, exhausting thing. It’s not. At all.

Proudest mom moment: I’m constantly proud of this love child. He shows me nonstop how good he is and in the midst of this crazy fucked up world, he is deep love, he is true acceptance, he is honesty, he is absolute hope.

On wanting to be a mom: I always felt this extreme sense of caring and severe empathy for others, which as a mom is a vital trait.

MILF style icon: The ever-breathtaking Lisa Bonet.

Mom crushes: Seriously, you two. (ahhhh thanks beauty) And Dotty and Naemma. I have to say most of my mom friends are pretty badass. 

Home vibe: Our space is a pale, natural palette with objects from our world travels. My boyfriend is an art dealer, so it’s a mix of gorgeous art next to a canvas teepee next to Luca’s handmade objects. It’s a quiet, calm, peacefully unfussy space with very little stuff.

Everyone should own: A large collection of French music. Changes the musical ear and makes for amazing late night dance parties with friends/kids/lovers.Mom Crush: Nicole Fasolino

 On meeting your man: Oh man, it was a rocky start. We met through friends, NYC is such a small world and we kept bumping into one another. No matter how hard we tried to avoid it, as neither of us were really ready for it, we kept coming back to one another, a pull that was deep within.

Most romantic thing anyone has done for you: My life is nonstop romance even though I’m the least romantic person alive. It’s funny how it happens. I’m kinda a dude when it comes to love and life, but the men around me have always been these super romantics – dinners, trips, poetry, photos…

To know about you:  On average I say “love” roughy 5,862 times a day

On marriage: After ten years and two babies we finally got married this past summer at my most beloved place on earth in Shelter Island with the people we love most in the world. On that day we were four people that became one.

On becoming a stylist: I was so lucky to work with some amazing bosses that loved my style and believed in me from a super young age. I was assisting on cover shoots with everyone from Kate Hudson to Beyonce, with a boss who would let me have free styling rein. Eventually I started doing personal styling, which was key for my life as a mom as I could make my own hours. Now I do a mix of styling and creative direction. It’s pure greatness. I feel so fortunate when it comes to work.

Biggest “pinch me” moment in your career: There have been so many, but almost all of them are moments where I’m on a shoot in some gorgeous location, with a crew of the most magical people, laughing nonstop while creating stunning photos. To me, those are the memories that will last in my head and heart forever and have been the ones to make me think, “I’m the luckiest human alive.”

Most treasured possession: Luca and the memories of all of our insane travel adventures, obviously. Also an African mask I bought in Zanzibar back when I was going through some heavy times. In place of eyes, the mask has a carved heart – a reminder to love with your heart and not your eyes.

Latest fashion obsession: Hats. I’ve always been a hat girl, but recently I can NOT get enough and find myself buying a new one way too often. Oh and bikinis, no matter what, I will always wear a bikini. Sometimes as a shirt, sometimes as a bra, sometimes when I should be wearing actual clothes.

Brands that can be worn during pregnancy but aren’t meant for maternity: I’ve never bought anything maternity. I dress in super loose shapes as it is, so it was easy to continue fitting in as my belly grew – I wore a lot from Reformation, Electric Feathers, Free People and dresses from Ulla Johnson. Just buy one size up.

Feel good routine during for pregnant mams: My mom is a Reiki master, her energy work kept me balanced especially when my hormones could go fucking bonkers. Just as important: ice water and lemon all day, a 28 min toned down version of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide 5 days a week, zero stress, bike rides at sunset along the Westside Highway and lots of sleep.

Beauty and exercise philosophy: Clean and healthy. Always. I’m a workout whore, just not as hard core when pregnant. As far as beauty goes, it’s all organic and toxin-free. I’m all about Benshen, Caudalie, Honest (Jessica Alba’s genius company) and homemade scrubs/masks/cleaners. And again, Reiki with my mom – cause there’s nothing better for the body and soul.

Luca’s style: Friends and strangers are constantly saying he’s the style reincarnation of Kurt Cobain. I’d agree, but make Kurt a soccer-playing surfer.

Brands for Luca: He’s such a boy that all his pant knees are torn. So I stopped buying nice bottoms for him and try to do cheap stuff like H&M’s conscious collection. For tops/jackets I love Boy+Girl, Ruff and Huddle, Makie, NUNUNU, Gray Label Organics and STATE Bags.

Unexpected and awesome find for boys clothing: Vince. They gifted Luca a massive box of clothes and everything is so well made, comfortable and incredibly chic.

Your favorite brands: Joy Cioci (no longer available), Electric Feathers and Mexico City market dresses.

Summers are spent: With our crew of friends on Shelter Island.

Next travel adventure with the family: We just got back from Andros Island in the Bahamas. Don’t know what could top that…

Happiness is… my life since I hit my 30s.

Mom Crush: Nicole Fasolino

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