As if her name could not be more suited to us (ok, we’re kinda obsessed)! Minnie – mama of Tuesday (5) and Johnny (9 months) – is both east coast/west coast, originally from NYC, she now lives in LA with surfer hubby Stephen Gaghan (writer and director of Syrianna and director of Mathew McConaughey’s new film Gold.) Fluidly moving between styling, designing and surfing, her latest endeavor is on the horizon – a top secret beauty start-up launching next month, that we are anxiously awaiting! Inspiring as she may, what I love most is her ‘grab the kids and go’ mentality, from Southeast Asia to Europe this family is on-the-go. Join us today as we catch up with Minnie, after a 6 week stay in Thailand, on how she learned to surf, her travel must-have and staying fit. @minniemortimer


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On your career as a stylist, photographer and designer and how one lead to the other: It all began when I worked for the amazing photographer Oberto Gili. I can trace almost every gig since back to Oberto. He is the absolute the best. A magic person. He taught me to pay attention to all aspects when trying to produce meaningful images and to contribute or influence the process from every angle I could. That’s when I got into styling, designing, art direction in addition to shooting.

On meeting your husband: We met at a barbecue. He just started talking to me out of the blue and from there it snowballed. We got along so well.

On the proposeal: We’ve promised never to tell anyone that story but it was great and a huge shock to me.

Nicknames for Tuesday: Tutu, Tutu Bunny 

Philosophy on motherhood: Oh boy, I don’t know. It’s always evolving. Right when I think I have it figured out it all changes and I learn something new. The only thing of which I am certain is you can never give a child too much love.

Most surprising thing about motherhood: I am surprised daily at my capacity to love. 

Proudest mom moment: I am most proud when I see my daughter include, be nice to or take notice of a child who is having a more difficult time than she is.

Did you always know you wanted to be a mom? For as long as I can remember 



Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 4.10.31 PMminimode-minnie-mortimerMINIMODE-MINNIE-MORTIMER-03

Your aim: For my kids to have compassion for others and the resolve to improve the condition of the world. 

Your east meets west fashion style: It’s very tom boy these days. I love men’s clothes tailored for a woman.

Beauty routine: All Beauty Counter and Shiva Rose. Two local and non toxic brands that make the most addictive products. 

Exercise routine: Hike, Run, Surf, Swim, Yoga. I can not stand exercise classes and gyms. Being couped up brings me down

 Mom crushes: So many but for me Jane Birkin did it with the most style.

Style icon: Bunker Spreckles and Babe Paily.

Your most treasured possession: My vintage GMT rolex with the Pepsi bezel. It’s what I bought myself after my first big job and in a weird twist of coincidence my husband and I both had this same watch on when we met.

Collecting: Art, denim, photography books, I love old Rolexes but I’m not sure I have enough to fancy myself a collector.

Your interior and home style: Always evolving. I bring pieces home from my travels and change things in and out all the time. I like it when houses have a great deal of soul even if that means they are a little messy or lived in, which I certainly prefer to contrived, fussy or over curated.

Tuesday’s style: Tom boy with a splash of princess.

Brands to shop for Tuesday: I love Margherita Kids by Margherita Missoni, Elephantito, Pink Chicken, but my favorite place to shop for children’s clothes is the open market in the Palais Royal in Paris. I have found the best smock dresses there. They look like they are from the 1950s.

Brands you love to wear: So many! Suno, Carven, Kenzo, Erdem, MSGM – Tabitha Simmons for all of my shoes!

Your go to swim brand for Tuesday and yourself: Ete Swim and Tori Praver for swimsuits for both of us.

Everyone should own: A perfectly fitting very tight pair of jeans.

Summers are spent: At the beach! All over the world but always at the beach. Winters too when I can manage it.

Your next travel adventure with the family: We literally just got back from six weeks in Thailand. Happy to be home for a minute. 

Favorite place to surf: My husband got me into surfing and I was instantly hooked. The best place has been Southwest France…the food, the surf, the people, its hard to top.

Can’t travel without: Headphones! I can get through anything with a set of headphones. 


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