The founder of Romy and the Bunnies – named after her 3 year old daughter Romy – and I met a girlfriend’s dinner party last year. She was graceful and stunning. Since then our daughters have played together and we’ve spent dinners chatting away. I caught up with her last week in her beautifully appointed home to talk about living in NY, raising little girls and next steps in the adventure of motherhood.  @romy_thebunnies @juliarestoinroitfeld

Photography by: Zoe Adlersberg @zoes_photoMINIMODE-JULIA-6




How Romy and the Bunnies came to be: When I was pregnant, I was Google-ing motherhood and maternity websites trying to find pregnancy style ideas etc., but nothing I found spoke to me or other mothers that I knew. I realized that there wasn’t one maternity website I could relate to. They were all about baking the perfect cupcake or referring to the most terrifying maternity brands. So after Romy was 2 months, I wanted to go back to work and decided to start Romy and the Bunnies and create an inspiring platform for all the mothers I could relate to myself. Working moms who still like to look after themselves, have a life as a woman and not just a mom but who are still extremely hands-on moms. Romy and the Bunnies has interviews from inspiring moms who I always learn something from, but also shopping, beauty, cooking and traveling tips.

Biggest “pinch me” moment since launching Romy and the Bunnies: When some celebrity moms started to contact me themselves via direct messages on Instagram to ask to be featured! I wont say names but that’s quite huge for me!

The future of Romy and the Bunnies: I want Romy and the Bunnies to become a brand, I am working on a clothing line with friend Rebecca Hessel Cohen and founder of LoveShackFancy but also on an all natural skincare line for moms and babies with a friend in Australia.

On balancing being a full-time mom to Romy while managing a business and busy schedule: I’m still trying to figure out my balance! That’s the hardest thing! I feel guilty when not working because I do need to make a living, but I feel so guilty when away from her because she grows so quick. Single and working mom is definitely not easy, but it is in the long run very rewarding.

Philosophy on motherhood: I dont really have one. My friends keep telling me to stop being so hard on myself trying to do everything perfectly, but its hard to let go. One piece of advice I try to follow from my mom is that it is better to spend less time but always quality time instead of trying to do too much, be burnt out and not appreciate the moment as I should

Role model do to Romy: My parents, my brother and I are very hard-working, so I hope that she will get the same work ethic. But growing up in NY, it is hard not to. I hope that she will be proud of me.


 Your parents and their parenting style: They were very easy-going on many things, but very strict on others. They were very strict with manners and homework, but nothing ever was a taboo and I think my brother and I grew up with an open mind thanks to them. They exposed us to so much and never were over protective.

We love your style…your fashion philosophy: I am quite minimalist and I have to admit, a bit lazy when it comes to dressing up. Instead of trying on stuff in my closet, I screen it and create the outfit in my head and then put it on hoping it works (thats the creative director speaking!). Especially now that I am a mom. I’m all about having key classic timeless pieces and working around them. Less is more and I rarely wear any jewelry or accessories. I am quite boring, I feel!

Teenage style was: Terrible. A bit grungy: Doc Martens, baggy pants, t-shirts and zip up tops. I was very much into rock and Brit pop music and it influenced my terrible style then.

Romy’s style? She is definitely very girly. She loves to watch me getting dressed or putting on makeup and gives me her opinion on shoes. She loves princess dresses and leopard print!

Beauty and health routine: My beauty cabinet is scary. I don’t have so much makeup; I don’t even own foundation, but I am obsessed with beauty creams, serums etc. I love La Mer, Tata Harper, Natura Bisse among many others.

 ‘Uniform’ for a busy day between meetings and playdates: A mini black dress with a pair of Saint Laurent kitten heels, or black jeans and a black sweater. I wear also a lot of denim; I love a denim pencil skirt with a denim shirt and heels or platforms.

Inspired by right now: Home decor and lifestyle Instagram accounts. I love Good Living Is Glam at the moment.

Style icons: Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Rampling and Sophia Loren.

Favorite brands to shop for Romy: Bonpoint, Bonton, Baby Gap, Baby Zara, Louis Louise, Caramel Baby & Child, La Coqueta and anything I can find at Yoya in the West Village.

Favorite brands for you: Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, J.Crew for basics, Chanel, Frame Denim and J Brand for jeans, and Equipment for sweaters and shirts.

An ideal Sunday is…and where: Brunch at SohoHouse or Sant Ambroeus  then a stroll around the West Village, play at the park and maybe early dinner with friends with kids.

Favorite time of day: Morning cuddles.

Happiness is… Romy saying “Mama I love you so much.”




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