I’m utterly and completely charmed by Eva; blogger, actress, mother to Marlowe and daughter of Susan Sarandon. Refreshingly open, completely candid and unbelievably funny – Coco Rocha, a fellow Mom Crush, even told us she is her favorite mom to follow on instagram – Eva and I spent hours chatting about her recently launched blog,  Happily Eva After. To no surprise, her site, which is loaded with tried and true mama travel tips, plus stellar fashion, beauty and interior finds, along with the realities of motherhood, growing up in the public eye and what it means to embrace humor in your everyday life, has us captivated and heading back on the daily. @thehappilyeva

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On starting Happily Eva After: When I transitioned into motherhood, I was trying to find balance and figure out what it meant to be a loving wife and great mom all the while maintaining my own identity, career and the desire to do it all. I wanted to create a place that embraced how multifaceted we are as parents and people while inspiring my readers to find joy in all the stages of parenthood and marriage.

Philosophy on motherhood: To balance the expectations of being a mom that we put on ourselves. We have such cultural pressures to be impeccable and lose baby weight, immediately. Instead of succumbing to these ideals, remember to be gentle with ourselves as it does not always have to be perfect. It’s also about multitasking, being efficient and reprioritizing the work that I’m interested in doing as an actress. For example, I can no longer take a job that shoots in Siberia for 6 months while my daughter is so young. After all at the end of the day investing in your family is the best investment you could make. 

On your refreshing openness about your recent miscarriage: I was blown away by the high statistics, 1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage and are suffering in silence. I figured if I could use this opportunity to make even one person feel better, than it would be worth it.

On becoming an actress: I started in high school and suddenly it became my career – it’s been 15 years since. I was in a movie called SAVED in high school, which became a cult classic. I look back on that time so fondly and I still have girls come up to me that love it.

On your childhood dream:  I wanted to be everything from a farmer to an astronaut! I think it’s important to always keep your mind open to all possibilities… after all, I never thought I would be a blogger.

On growing up with your mom, Susan Sarandon: You know, it’s funny, people are always a little disappointed by my answer. At the end of the day she was just my mom and it simply was what it was. My parents were in the public eye and with that there are positives and negatives. A positive was that we traveled all the time, I saw the world from a very young age and a negative was that I had to share my parents with millions of people which meant there were always interruptions when we were out together as a family. For example, the other day my mom and I took Marlowe to the Natural History Museum and she was constantly asked to take photos with her fans. It’s an interruption to our afternoon but has always been a part of life for us.

On your mom’s relationship with Marlowe: They are completely obsessed with each other, so in love. She comes to LA as often as she can to spend time with her and she is definitely one of those spoiler grandmas.

On meeting your husband: Ha! Funny story. I was on this terrible first date with another guy at a hotel bar and it was pretty obvious that I was not enjoying myself. Kyle (now husband) was in town and staying at the hotel. Kyle gave me his number when I went to the bar to get myself a drink – the very fact that I was even getting my own drink on a date, spoke leaps and bounds about the quality of the evening, pre-meeting Kyle. That night I texted my mom from the bathroom and told her that I had met ‘the guy’ for me… when you know, you know! He moved to LA 5 months later, we were engaged 3 months after that and married 10 months following. 

Life pre-baby: We had a blast and were always out with friends! We’re now making it a priority to put those things back into our lives as Marlowe is a bit older. It’s really important. We’ve had to figure out what it means to have fun post baby. A lot of parents don’t anticipate how to be with each other after they have kids. One parent’s idea of fun is not nesecarily the others. The first time I left Marlowe to go on a date with Kyle, I was sobbing and he didn’t get it. I worried about her the whole evening, so we learned to modify in the beginning and instead we’d go on daytime dates so that I wouldn’t feel guilty or sad. Now that she is older we go out at night and away for the weekend. 

Interior home vibes: The structure of our home is really traditional so I wanted to play with the decor and make it feel like young people live here. And while I love nice things, I still want us to feel comfortable at home and able to use the space freely. We created a play space for Marlowe and at the end of the day all her toys have to be put away. Our home still very much feels like adults live here. 




On joining Kyle on a 36 hour city visit: Marlowe and I went to Nashville with him once and from there we went to Black Berry Farm – this amazing working farm/ luxury resort. It’s fabulous and chic, truly an incredible family vacation. I wrote a feature about it on my site and quite honestly it’s one of my favorite places to go.

Dream 36 destination to take Marlowe: I’m Italian from Rome and speak Italian. I grew up in NY but spent my summers and a period of  time during college in Bolognia. I used to go back to Italy all the time but recently life has taken over a bit and I haven’t been able to go as often.  I’d love to take Marlowe to Rome… which we’re actually in the midst of planning.

On teaching Marlowe a language: I’m having the nanny speak to her in Spanish.

Top 3 tips for traveling with a baby: Bring enough food (whatever that means for your child) for an entire 24 hours. Bring a baby wearing device so you can be hands free, I like the Bjorn or K’tan. Lastly, bring water and food for yourself! The first time I traveled with Marlowe I completely forgot this last bit leaving me parched and starving by the time we landed. Now I always pack Cliff or Luna bars.

Your teenage style: I went to St. Ann’s in Brooklyn, a school that encouraged self expression. I had a pixie cut all throughout high school and amassed this sneaker collection of Converse Weapons that I would wear with super low skin-tight jeans, a crop top and a vintage bomber jacket. 


 Style and fashion philosophy: My philosophy is to dress for your body type and don’t embrace all the trends, after all not everything works for every-body. I tend to mix super feminine with cool street style and I still have a major sneaker fetish! I wear jeans with tshirts and I pair dresses with Nike high heel sneakers. 

Beauty and exercise routine: Simple. What I love is a blowout, it makes me feel great (it’s such a treat) and I do them myself when I have the time. My daily routine: wash, moisturize, top off with a little mineral powder, mascara and a light lip. Pretty easy! On my site I talk about the 5 minute ‘mom face’, focused on pulling yourself together quick and easy in order to feel great.

Exercise on the other hand is embarrassingly nonexistent. I have not been to a gym in a long time. If I were to go however I would do pilates and yoga. I also like to walk and hike. Sadly, I broke my foot in Napa dancing barefoot and haven’t been able to do any of these things in a long while. I’ll get back there eventually…

Brands you shop for Marlowe: I love to dress her up! Zara Mini, Gap kids, Jacadi , Pink Chicken and Eggy is also fun store in LA.

Brands you shop for yourself: I tend to not go with one designer, I go with what I like. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of closet editing and really purging what I don’t love. My current mood: if I don’t feel great in something, I give it away.

Happiness is… family time, we don’t get all that much of it with travel and work schedules so finding quality time to all be together is high on my list of what makes me happy. We do a family date night once a week, it’s just as important to us as regular date night. It’s a time that we can all focus being with each other.


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