After a morning spent with Anine, fawning over the latest wears from her namesake label, ANINE BING, I can’t tell which I’m more obsessed with, the woman or her clothes? A brand who’s aesthetic is the epitome of laid back cool is virtually an extension of Anine’s personal style. Impressed as I may, she has lived multiple lives, a former model (obvi! she’s stunning!) singer, now designer and rockstar mom who is rapidly growing her business while raising her littles – no easy feat, might I add…we applaud her hard work! Join us while we play dress up with Anine along with her MINI’s Bianca and Benjamin in their mommy’s bright and airy LA studio, getting the lowdown on what is was like to launch ANINE BING and have 2 babies at the same time, her life from Denmark to LA plus her surprising sartorial inspiration – her grandmother! @aninebing

Photographer: Chelsea Prestin  @chelseaprestinphotoAnine - 10-MINIMODE

Anine - 21-MINIMODEAnine - 27-MINIMODEAnine - 35-MINIMODE

On launching Anine Bing why/what led you to start: It all started with a simple idea about 3 1/2 years ago. I wanted to start a brand that was effortless, that most people could relate to. I had some basic ideas in my head on how to create the perfect pair of skinny jeans, a few easy t-shirts and that perfect leather jacket I had been looking for myself my whole life. Basically, I wanted to create a wardrobe for myself and other women out there who wanted to dress nice without trying too hard.

Inspired by: I get inspiration from so many places. Traveling, women on the street here in Los Angeles. My children inspire me a lot plus I look back at my own style when I was younger for fun new ideas. A person that I also tend to look back at is my grandmother who had the most unique and fantastic style. She was not afraid of mixing different patterns and materials. And she loved gold jewelry which I am a big fan of too. So going back to all my photos and memories of her can be very inspiring. 

Your biggest “pinch me” moment in your career: It’s always a big moment when I open a new store, such an amazing feeling to open up the doors to a brand new space and invite my costumers into my world. 

An incredible moment as a model: I did so much traveling back when I was modeling and visited some fantastic places. I remember shooting on a beach in Zanzibar. That was pretty magical. I learned so much from my days traveling the world and working with fantastic people in the industry. I carry all that experience with me today in my life as a designer and business woman.

On meeting your husband and how he proposed: We met in Istanbul through mutual friends. He is Danish just like me and we fell in love pretty much right away. I just knew he was the one! “You Know When You Know”is a quote I use a lot, from that time. We just knew we were meant to be. He proposed when we were out hiking in LA. I was super pregnant and felt heavy and lazy and I didn’t want to go all the way to the top. But he kept pushing me and said “let’s go all the way up!” and on top of the hill he popped the question!

Your mom crush style icons: Jane Birkin for sure. I love looking at old photos of her and her beautiful children.


Anine - 29-MINIMODE

 On your own mom: She was very devoted to her 5 children. For her it was so important to feed us healthy food, no TV and everything was pretty simple. We grew up in a small city right next to a big forest and nature. I think it was a healthy and mellow childhood. When I was 15,  I wanted more and I started working as a model. I traveled a lot so I could make money and one day be able to buy my own place in a bigger city. Los Angeles is such a different place compared to the little town I grew up in and the world looks very different today as well. I guess my parenting style differs quite a lot from my mums but I would say they’re both good, each in a unique way.

Your teenage style: I went through different phases. At one time I was very punk with a bomber jacket and Dr Martens boots. Another time I was obsessed with tie dye and did that to all of my clothes. I colored my hair bright red with henna and looked very unique I would say. With that, I have always been true to myself and my own style. 

Advice to your younger self: Work hard, stay true to yourself and have goals in life. 

Current beauty and exercise routine: I wish I had time to actually work out. However since I had Bianca and Benjamin plus I started my business, I simply don’t have the time. But one day! I try to take good care of my skin with good products. I think it gets more important to look after your skin when you’re past 30. I drink a green juice or smoothie every morning which fills me up with healthy energy. And I eat every 3 hours to keep my blood sugar on a good level all day. I believe in a balance. So I eat whatever I feel like…burgers, ice cream candy, or healthy choices. I would say I have something healthy everyday but also something unhealthy. A mix of everything is the best.

On beginning each day: My two kids wake me up around 6am. The morning gets busy with getting dressed, eating breakfast, making smoothies and breakfast and packing lunch boxes for them. Some mornings I need just 10 min to myself and I let them watch cartoons so I can drink my coffee and plan my day.

New beauty discovery: I am obsessed with cream eye shadows at the moment. Right now I love the sticks from NARS. South beach is a great color. Also the cream blush sticks. Orgasm is a fresh nice color.

Three staples of your closet: Skinny jeans, Charlie boots and a leather jacket. All from my own brand.

Style/beauty tips for moms on the go: Keep it simple. You don’t need a lot of clothes or make up. Invest in fewer but better pieces and make sure everything is easy to mix and match. That way it gets easier to get dressed in the morning. Get to know your own style and stay true to it. The better YOU feel the better you look.

Favorite brands for Bianca and Benjamin: Right now I’m obsessed with Akid. They make the cutest shoes. The kids loves them. 

Anine - 37-MINIMODE



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