Mona-Jane Hannemann also known as @rocamoon is the definition of #fitspo with abs to die for! She effortlessly and seamlessly incorporates fitness into her life with days that include hiking, running, surfing and circuit training. Therefore we’re excited to have Mona-Jane join us as a regular contributor focusing on all things fitness! Plus, you’ll often notice she trains with her son alongside her, so no excuses ladies(!) – kid or no kid around – you can do this!

And ready, set, sweat! This month’s move is the full pushup burpee – one of the most sweat drenching, physically demanding exercises out there. I love to include it in any workout because it uses all the major muscle groups in the body. It’s fair to say it can be pretty intense but I’m confident that you’ll grow a love/hate relationship with doing them. I believe that when it comes to exercise, intensity matters! The more intense the movement, the greater the benefit post-exercise. Burpees send the heart rate through the roof which improves cardiovascular health and increases the metabolism. And remember, to get the most out of the exercise (or any exercise for that matter) you want to be sure you have the correct form going on.

1. Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, arms by sides and weight in the heels.

2. Bend over or squat down and place your hands on the floor out in front of you, just outside of your feet.

3. Now as  you put your weight into hands, jump both feet back onto the balls of your feet so that you’re now in plank position – your body should form a straight line from your head to heels. Be mindful not to let your back sag or your butt stick up in the air, which can stop you from working your core effectively.

4. Drop to a push-up then return to plank position.

5. Jump the feet back in toward the hands.

6. Explosively jump into the air, reaching your arms straight overhead.

7. Land and immediately lower back into a squat for your next rep.

You can modify and change them up to suit any fitness level. In the video I’m jumping back and straight down into the push up at the same time. However, to slow the move down and make it a bit easier, try moving into a plank position by stepping back one foot time and then drop into the pushup, rather than jumping your feet behind you. Or if you want to step things up a notch, try changing your jump into a tuck jump. The pushup can also be modified to be done on the knees, or you can skip the push up entirely. Do at least 50 reps or more if  you can 😉 The faster you work, the harder it is, and the more your cardio levels will skyrocket!


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