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There are many things in life that may seem too good to true – take, for instance, a drink that promises more sleep and better zzzzs. The first visual that popped up in my head when I heard about this beverage was the scene in Alice in Wonderland with that massive bottle (or was it just that she was tiny at that point?) with the “drink me” tag. Consume this and all of your troubles will disappear! Didn’t work for young Alice. But who is to say, something can’t help? In the same way eating clean foods help you have more energy and better skin, perhaps a beverage with the right ingredients can indeed assist in that ever-elusive good night’s rest. We put Dirty Lemon’s new [Sleep] beverage to the real life test with three moms… here’s what they had to say:

Priya, Strategy Consultant, Downtown NY, 2 kids
I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months. I admit – my sleep habits could be better. Like many moms in the hours after the kids go to bed, I work to catch up on everything and find myself awake later than I would like with a glass of wine in hand. To compound, my littlest one has been climbing into my bed in the wee hours and I can’t get comfortable and fall back asleep. When presented with the Dirty Lemon [Sleep], I was eager for a natural panacea for my sleepless nights. Could there really be a drink to lull me to sleep and keep me there? So earlier this week, after a bit (too much) wine at book club, I took the plunge and downed a half bottle around 11pm. The drink was odd: it tasted lemony, the after-smell was rosy and the color was indeed dirty. Within 30 minutes my face and shoulders felt heavy, perhaps a placebo effect. But that night was different. After my littlest jumped into bed, I went right back to sleep. I woke up feeling more well-rested than usual and not groggy. The next night my insomnia returned; I was again tossing and turning wondering where I could get another bottle.

Alexa, Stylist, Downtown NY, 3 kids
It was Friday night and I was home with the kids.  After they finally went to sleep around 9:30pm I turned on the TV and opened up my laptop and started to drink Dirty Lemon [Sleep]… it seemed like a lot of liquid to drink before bed but the taste was pleasant, like a lightly flavored water. I wasn’t expecting to feel anything but about an hour later I noticed a sleepy sensation that I hadn’t felt before. I decided not to watch a second episode of The Affair and instead got into bed to read around 11pm. I got sucked into my book and ultimately the sleepy feeling wore off and I stayed up reading for about another hour. Usual night of sleep interrupted by a child coming into my bed and needing to use the toilet, but I can see how if I didn’t try to stay awake it would have helped me fall asleep earlier.

Mara, Stay at Home Mom, Brooklyn, 2 kids
I decided to try Dirty Lemon [Sleep] on a “typical” weeknight with me home alone with the kids, if there is such a thing. My husband was traveling for work so after our usual evening routine of homework, dinner, showers, reading then bedtime for the MINIs, I was already wiped out. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I can sleep however – I often get into my own head at night thinking about tomorrow’s to do list and all the things I need to get done before the end of the week. Plus, watching and reading the news lately is not helping the situation! I downed the entire bottle of [Sleep] which has a nice lemony, rose taste. That may sound gross to some, but I quite liked it. I sat in bed on my laptop looking into summer camp options for the kids and felt my eyelids getting heavy so for once, I actually put away the computer and allowed myself to fall asleep early. I had a pleasant night’s sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. As a self-proclaimed skeptic I’m not sure I’m ready to call it a miracle sleep cure but I will most definitely try it again!

Dirty Lemon makes better beverages to drink daily – each product features botanicals, herbal extracts and natural compounds blended to optimize your daily routine. Their new [sleep] formula blends magnesium, rose water, lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile in a daily beverage designed to maximize your (elusive) beauty sleep. Want to try?  Text them @ 917-588-0640


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