For little girls, hair can be the ultimate accessory! There are literally hundreds of ways to braid, pin, pony and adorn her hair, so why not have some major fun with it? For the more ambitious looking styles there are YouTube videos a plenty that will have you plaiting like a pro in no time. Here are 15 girl’s hairstyles we’re loving right now – that means two weeks worth of ‘dos that are mind-bogglingly gorgeous.

This is a look perfect for school or for a more formal occasion. From the front it simply looks like the hair is swept off the face into a side, bun but the back is where it’s at! This may appear complicated if you’re not on your French braid A-game (which I was not) but watching a few simple YouTube videos will have you acing it in no time. Photo by
Photo by

What says spring more than beautiful buds in your hair? No longer relegated to flower girls, this style actually looks best when paired with a simple summer dress or even denim and a tee – it’s unexpected and is the perfect mix of casual and formal. You can purchase faux floral crowns or make your own with your MINI using blossoms from your garden. Photo by @reeseypiecey

A messy bun thrown together high on the head is a look that never goes out of style, especially for MINIs. To help it hold, try backcombing the hair or even teasing it a bit before you gather it in a rubber band. And if you want to make this look a bit more modern and less ballerina off-duty, try a half-up top knot which is the ultimate in effortless cool. Photo by @zara
Photo by @zara

My girls love the addition of hats to their outfits on weekends and holidays – something they most definitely obtained from their mama, who never met a hat she didn’t adore! It’s a look that’s equally adorable on both long and short hair, curly and straight. Retailers have also caught on that this is an accessory that kids love – J.Crew, Zara and H&M all have great versions for spring. Photo by @milknsoda
Photo by @staciehess

The key to making this look current is to keep the pigtails low and loose so the hair appears slightly disheveled. Most definitely a far cry from the 80s version of this ‘do – styled high on each side and held tightly in place with Goody twin bead ponytail holders (my mom used to pull them so taut it was nearly headache-inducing!). Photo by
Photo by

I love this type of cut for little girls because it’s so simple and barely needs any upkeep – it actually looks cuter when it’s slightly dirty and messy. This is ideal for straight or slightly wavy hair, although a good stylist can make it work for curls too. My daughters inherited my thin hair but when we keep it shoulder-length it appears to be much fuller. Photo by @zara
Photo by @zara

We had guest editor Sai de Silva of write about finding the perfect routine for kick-ass curls – she should know, she and her daughter London have some of the most coveted hair on Instagram! Apparently “natural” curls are not always wash-and-go, although it may appear that way. Take a look at that post for secrets to this style.

The milkmaid braid is a mainstay on the red carpet on stars such as Julianne Hough and Sienna Miller. And while it’s gorgeous on these style-setters, this is a look that is perfect for kids – both adorable and elegant. I’m not going to lie, it takes practice to master this kind of braiding but like many of the other hair styles here, imperfection is where it’s at! Photo by @thedaddyfashionsylist

My daughter Kaia is a self-proclaimed tomboy and apart from her teacher-mandated top bun for dance class and gymnastics, she refuses to have her hair styled in any way. She does, however, agree to a low pony. No real instruction needed here – just gather the hair at the nape of the neck and tie with either a simple rubber band, wrapping some strands around it for a more polished look or use a jeweled elastic for something more playful. Photo by @jcrew
Photo by @jcrew

I love this look because it’s so darned cute but also kind of badass in a way. This may appear to be complicated but it’s actually quite painless. Separate the hair into sections, twist each one, then take the twisted strands and wrap them around themselves into small buns. Secure each with an elastic that blends in with the hair so they’re undetectable and allow the ends of each bun the stick out. Photo by @dancewithdirtyfeet
Photo by @dancewithdirtyfeet

We all know who popularized the side braid for MINIs in recent years – her name starts with an “El,” ends with a “sa,” and gave girls both big and small some major hair envy. You need really long tresses for this style to work well, allowing the braid to cascade off the shoulder. Pull the hair low to the side and braid very loosely, pulling on some strands so the ends come out and viola, instant Elsa ‘do!

A fishtail braid is actually not as intricate as it appears so don’t be intimidated. Simply divide a low ponytail into two smaller, equal-sized ponytails. Separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail. Pull this piece across the top of the left ponytail over to the right ponytail. Next, separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the right ponytail. Pull this piece across the top of the right ponytail over to the left ponytail. Repeat until you run out of hair then secure with an elastic. Done! Photo by @thedaddyfashionstylist

The versatile bobby pin can create some simple but stunning styles for your MINI. I love mixing pins with different embellishments – from jewels and stars to pom poms and flowers, criss-crossing them on top of each other. Having it look slightly haphazard is the whole point so don’t get too obsessed with perfection. This is my daughter Elin’s favorite ‘do because it’s something she can create on her own and she loves choosing her pins each morning based on her mood. Photo by @milknsoda
Photo by @milknsoda

Elin discovered bandana hair on her own when she grabbed one tied to my wrist at a photo shoot this summer. She asked me to tie it over her hair like a headband and just like that, she had a new favorite hairstyle. How amazing does it look with this ethereal tutu dress? It’s equally enchanting paired with jeans and a button-down and works well with any type of hair length or texture. Photo by @mbenetos

I love this look because while it may appear to be time-consuming, it could be done in a snap. These are two straightforward braids that are tied with an elastic then you add the cords to each braid afterward. Just wrap them around as much as you want and secure the ends. You can get different colored cords at any craft store and if you want a look that’s more fancy, go for a different textile such as velvet. Photo by @kris.lou
Photo by Kris Lou

And here are some hair accessories we’re swooning over right now!


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