For me, it started with a jacket randomly spotted on Bandier – an oddly compelling shade of ashy, pale pink with a large black stripe across the waist and down the arms, just the perfect blend of fitted and slouchy with the huge letters P.E. emblazoned across the back. As in Phys. Ed…. you know, the class I used to cut each Wednesday at 3? And not because I was lazy or out of shape in high school – quite the contrary, I loved staying active but hated (OK, despised) the weekly torture that was getting dressed for class in horrible 90s-era gym clothes and interacting with a group of people for some forced fun… the very worst kind of fun, in my opinion. Good news is, I’m all grown up! Better news is, brands like P.E. Nation now exist to help make women young and old heat up gym class, spin class, yoga class and every class in between.

P.E. Nation, the brand, is a nostalgic nod to physical education that also encapsulates the tomboy attitude of designer and former stylist Pip Edwards (P.E., get it??). It’s unbelievably sexy yet not obviously so with its urban stripes and blocks of bright colors interspersed with very wearable blacks, whites and greys. The best part however, is that each piece is functional and the fit is spot on, accentuating the good, camouflaging the rest. So that P.E. jacket that brought on my love at first sight? It now shares closet space with the perfect boyish crop top, leggings that slim like no other and a sweatshirt that never fails to get a “where did you get that??” Join the fun mamas; I promise you’ll turn a head or two…


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