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The beyond fashionable Sofia Karvela has that certain something that draws you in like magic. The epitome of cool, oozing authenticity paired with a certain rawness, she’s a badass stylist and mama to two littles. Join us for a morning hang at her place chatting zzzzs (or lack thereof) and life while juggling kids as a working mom – something we all can relate to. @thesofiakarvela


Morning routine…Let’s be clear, I don’t wake up – I am woken up. I begin each day in a full on panic at about 6:45am or sometimes at 5:15am on a less fortunate day. The alarm sounds, aka two people screaming at me simultaneously from the other room. First my one year old will let out a cry which then wakes up the three year old and I leap out of bed, running to them out of fear that one of them is going to fall off the bed.

After I have both kids under control, I make myself a quadruple espresso with a touch of stevia to sweeten the day and then I make either pancakes, eggs or some frozen thing that’s supposedly organic for the kids and pray for the best. Followed by breakfast for myself, a yogurt with goji berries thing.

Once breakfast is done, I generally attempt to get myself dressed while trying to make sure that my one year old doesn’t kill himself. The whole scene unfolds differently each morning depending on what I can get to first. For example, I’ll take my pajama pants off, then brush my teeth while I’m naked, then grab the little one while I put on a t-shirt to then go grab the other one that wants milk and finally I’ll wash my face – it’s kind of a mess. Between emails and my husband not getting out of bed to help in any of this, my mornings are what you’d classify as survival mode.

I have a live in nanny that I cherish and adore but she doesn’t start until 7:30 or 8am, so I handle the mornings because she’s full-on until I get home and I never really know when that’s going to be. Final step before I start my day, I take Nico (the older one) to school in an Uber and go straight to work.

Sofia-Minimode-23Nighttime routine…
is even worse. The whole production s
tarts with getting two kids in the bath and making sure they don’t drown while I check emails or take a selfie – which I do a lot of and don’t advise. Taking selfies that is. Sometimes I make the older one watch the younger one while I go take a picture of myself – that’s how sad I am 😉

Bath, PJ’s on, I play music, we dance, then I read about 7 books (always the same books) –  it’s a bit of a production and a lot of multi-tasking.

By the time they’re actually set to go to sleep, I’m literally cursing the day that I had kids – ‘Why the fuck did I do this??’ I’m usually starving at this point and look on Seamless to order dinner but then will lose interest because there are so many options and I feel too overwhelmed to make a decision. Instead I’ll opt to make myself something to eat but then one of the kids will come out of the bedroom and need me. Another hour will pass and I’ll wish that I’d ordered, but I didn’t. At which point, I’ll forgo the whole dinner thing, take a bath and stalk someone on Instagram that has more jobs than I do, drink a [Sleep] and pass out without brushing my teeth or washing my face.

On skincare and botox… I never wash my face at night unless I have a new product that I’m excited about which will last a few washes until I’m disinterested. My pores are generally screaming, but my attitude is that “I’ll get to it in the morning”. Perhaps eventually I’ll just get botox, although likely not seeing as I’m into needles for tattoos but more nervous about the needle that keeps me younger looking. The whole thing scares me to some degree because I’m too much of a control freak and I’m afraid that I’ll start to look really stupid.Sofia-Minimode-Sleep-Dirty-Lemon-04Sofia-Minimode-Sleep-Dirty-Lemon-05
On makeup…I don’t wear makeup ever – oil only. I mean, look at me. Do I look like I put on makeup? Maybe if I was going to go out I would put on this Glossier Haloscope product that gives me a bit of a glow and curl my eyelashes. That’s it. I wash my face with coconut oil or Shiseido face wash.

Best/worst sleep story… I think I forgot to make dinner that night and as per my usual winning mom style I decided instead to give the baby 5 string cheeses, a banana, plus a lot of milk with extra oatmeal powder and put him to bed. About an hour later, I heard a little cough and went in to check on him. Suddenly my face, clothes, shoes and his room were covered in vomit. We were up all night and had to change his bed 3 times because he kept getting sick. My husband kept asking me how this could of happened and I denied any knowledge of the string cheese and stuck to my story that he must have a virus. The next night my husband came down with the same virus – maybe he had that cheese too. I made him sleep on the sofa because I couldn’t deal with him – I told him to make it work, I had to get some rest.

Honestly… I feel like I’m so boring when it comes to nights and mornings at this point in my life and I’m ok with that because I wasn’t always boring. These days my excitement and passion come from my work – yes, I’m that person. I stay in most nights or at the most go out to dinner. I don’t drink so in order for me to stay out late it takes a lot of encouragement. Also considering I have two very young kids, I really have to think about the next morning as I don’t really have the luxury to let them just watch an iPad while I sleep in – I have to be up with them. Therefore sometimes I just prefer to stay home, sleep early and feel rested. I can’t be exhausted, I work full time.

On [Sleep]…  I’m obsessed – it’s the yummiest thing I’ve ever had. I don’t know that it actually works for me in terms of sleeping but it makes me feel SO great and that’s as good if not better than actually sleeping. Truth is, I don’t know if I’m actually capable of sleeping well anymore – I try not to focus on that because I’m so tired and in general I’ll take whatever I can get, whenever I can get it. However, the idea of being awake and feeling stellar, is everything, I’d give my first born for that feeling. I mean sleep is sleep, it’s like diet coke, always good, but being awake and feeling truly amazing is so much more. [Sleep] made me feel calm and good while awake, which is ironic. Eventually, I think I’ll get the luxury of rest back – maybe in two years. In the meantime, I’ll just drink a bottle of [Sleep] and feel good while I’m awake.

Dirty Lemon makes better beverages to drink daily – each product features botanicals, herbal extracts and natural compounds blended to optimize your daily routine. Their new [sleep] formula blends magnesium, rose water, lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile in a daily beverage designed to maximize your (elusive) beauty sleep. Want to try?  Text them @ 917-588-0640Sofia-Minimode-Sleep-Dirty-Lemon-18


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