After launching a successful beauty line, it makes sense that natural beauty advocate Gwyneth Paltrow would move on to fragrance. The experience of searching for a gorgeous, luxurious, safe scent that didn’t exist eventually spurred her to action to create one for Goop. “This just isn’t right – we shouldn’t have to risk our health because we want to feel beautiful, or glamorous or sophisticated,” she says.

Fact is, our bodies are not equipped to deal with the toxic load that’s in our environment so the idea that you can avoid that when you’re putting something directly on your body is at the forefront of her beauty (and now fragrance) line. In creating Goop’s Clean Beauty Shop, she realized that the seemingly harmless word ‘fragrance’ had become a bucket for the beauty industry, where companies can hide pretty much any ingredient – basically anything toxic they don’t want to list on the label. “I was horrified to find we’d all been spraying endocrine disruptors all over our bodies, often on spots where our skin is thinnest and most vulnerable.” At the same time, she says, substituting essential oils from the health food store didn’t leave her feeling the way conventional fine fragrances had. Enter Goop’s first (natural!) fragrance: edition 01 — winter 2016.

It’s transparent in a fundamental and unique way – every one of its ingredients is right there on the label. What’s more, points out Gwyneth, those ingredients go beyond non-toxic to deliver benefits to the wearer. “Each element within the perfume, from the frankincense to the cypress root, works its own alchemy on the body. We’ve made something that’s alive and real, as opposed to something that ‘smells like’ something alive and real.” Sounds like the ultimate luxury to me!


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