Ahhhh the Hamptons, wonderful as can be, except when trying to make plans. Like any plans. Ever. Because try as you might to get a sitter, there are none – until now.

If you’re like many a NYer and headed eastbound this summer, you’ll know that typically getting a sitter in this beachside oasis – where essentially the entire population of Manhattan plus some of Brooklyn migrates from May to September – is next to impossible. It’s a classic case of supply and demand. In this case, demand rules the day.

Therefore, during what’s supposed to be a spontaneous, structure-free couple of months, you instead have to hit the sand running, spending your days recruiting, poaching camp counselors and “asking around” in a vain attempt to secure sitters for the pending months of “summer fun.”

In years past, my girlfriends and I have either…

a) Pre-booked as many girls as possible for every Friday and Saturday – even if there are no plans for those nights, it’s better to have than to have not. And honestly, they cancel half of the time, so there’s that to consider.

b) Or pooled our resources with one sitter, handed her 6.5 kids and called it a “sleepover” as we ran out the door.

However this year, things are looking up! The app/service I arguably use as much as Uber, is headed to the Hamptons. This is good; very, very good.

Bringing their same primo level of service and vetting, Hello Sitter is launching end of May. I will warn you, rates may be a touch higher than in the city with travel times baked in and surge pricing, but if you’ve ever been caught without a sitter and considered taking your tot to a rowdy nighttime beach party, you’ll know it’s well worth it. Join the wait list now with this LINK as space is limited. And your epic summer awaits.  @hello_sitter

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