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Goop Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June knows beauty. As in really knows her stuff. With a career that has taken her everywhere from Elle to Lucky and now her current position at one of our favorite lifestyle sites, when this top editor speaks, I for one, want to soak it all in. We talk to this pro about everything from her top tips and current trends to how the beauty industry is ever-evolving.

You’ve covered beauty for many different outlets prior to this – how does Goop approach its beauty content? Goop’s focus on clean, nontoxic beauty is what makes it beautiful! The conventional beauty industry is characterized by an astonishing lack of transparency—people put up with it often because they’re simply not aware of it. Our goal is full transparency and only clean, nontoxic products appear on our site. I’m so proud and happy to be part of it—in previous roles, all I could do was point out when a particular product was healthier than the others—this is a whole new (yet equally fun, gorgeous, ever-evolving) ball game.

What are some current trends in the beauty industry that are intriguing to you? I’m thrilled that there’s starting to be real muscle and mojo in the fight to regulate ingredients allowed in beauty products. Diane Feinstein’s bill, which my boss Gwyneth Paltrow is very much behind, is gaining traction. The Environmental Working Group is growing in size and influence. And from a beauty-reporting standpoint, I was worried that I’d only have a few brands to talk about when I came to goop, and it’s just the opposite—I can barely cover them all. There are so many amazing, gorgeous, luxurious, clean, nontoxic brands available now, it’s kind of incredible. When people hear what’s actually put into conventional beauty products, their concept of luxury instantly changes to include: “clean and nontoxic”. I love that we’re able to deliver that—in so many cool ways—at goop.

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What are some products you personally use and swear by? I have to be the biggest user of face oil on the planet: The one from goop by Juice Beauty is on my sink by my toothbrush, the Autumn face oil from DeMamiel is on my kitchen counter, the Prickly Pear oil from LilFox is by my night table …. I truly cannot get enough. With all that face oil, you’d think mascara would be an issue, and it is— unless I use the one from Juice Beauty, which I swear is the best mascara on the market, clean or utterly not-clean. It doesn’t smudge or flake, and it makes my eyes look huge.

I think the most important thing to wear every day, and the thing to most-vehemently insist on nontoxic and clean is daily sunblock. It’s the best anti-aging cream on earth. Better than Botox, as they say. I’m currently obsessed with Ursa Major’s daily spf— it smooths in like a dream, truly. And similarly fabulous, I carry Naturopathica’s daily spf in my makeup bag because a) it too blends as if it were a conventional sunscreen, smells like lavender, and the tube is so easy to carry. You never know when you’re going to need sunblock!

With so much competition and information out there now, how do you think new beauty products or treatments can stand out in this cluttered marketplace? If you’re making stuff you don’t particularly believe in, you’re never going to convince anyone that it’s great. Love what you’re making/make what you love, and that’s what stands out.

As a mom of a teenager, do you see your daughter approach beauty differently than you? My daughter is deeply, deeply unconcerned with beauty products and treatments—always has been, perhaps because I’m the opposite. She’s in Navy ROTC at Yale, so her biggest concern is how to make her hair stay neatly in a topknot! I would say, from seeing her and her friends grow up, black eyeliner is still the ultimate emancipatory product for a teen.

Now that goop has successfully launched its own skincare line, what’s next for the brand? We’ve since launched goop Label, in the fashion space —this month’s collection sold out as I wrote this—and keep watching: We have a truly amazing lineup of upcoming introductions: I wish I could tell you what they were! I can say that the pace of innovation at goop is like no place I’ve ever worked, and it’s both thrilling and inspiring.


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