We’ve always known this but now we want to share the little secret – moms kick ass. Like, majorly. MINIMODE and fitness fashion powerhouse Bandier team up to feature the hottest moms indulging in the ultimate gift to yourself – looking and feeling great! Taking #fitspo to the next level to encompass mind and body, we learn what wellness means to them, how they stay strong and manage to look fabulous doing it.

First up, Taryn Toomey, founder of cult-followed The Class and Airelume Jewels, is the mecca of feel-good vibes and the very essence of cool – with a voice so sexy you’ll wish it was yours. Her incredibly powerful class has been known to bring women to tears (guilty) with an indescribable ability to push you to places that you didn’t even know were possible. It’s truly more than fitness, it’s a healing, revolutionary release (and a must try, if you are in NY or LA). With two MINIs and a fitness style that is enviable, we tapped into this hot momma for the ins and outs on what keeps her motivated and feeling centered, plus the one thing she believes instantly changes everything (we all could benefit from having more of this in our lives!). Join us for an inspired moment with this beautiful vibrant being. @mamatomey 

Photographer: Sidney Bensimon @sidneybensimon


How do you start and end your day? My mornings start when my kids crawl into bed with me. From there, I always brush my teeth, scrape my tongue, turn a show on for the girls and meditate in the other room, drink a morning tonic (water, lemon, cayenne, turmeric, ginger) and take a probiotic. My evening routine is not the most glamourous. On most nights, I put the kids to bed and then do some work on my laptop. A few nights a week, I try to take a bath and then put my legs up the wall with calming music before getting into bed.

Do you practice any holistic treatments? Daily probiotic, magnesium supplement for sleep, acupuncture for overall self care, body work

Where/how you sweat? Teaching and taking The Class


What does ‘Wellness’ mean to you? Wellness is a feeling of balance. Understanding that life is a wave, we have to notice its rises and falls and work to stay in the present.

Tips on staying motivated to workout? Have a go-to playlist saved in your phone. Whenever you feel unmotivated, put in your headphones, turn it on and get moving. MUSIC. CHANGES. EVERYTHING.

How does one know if they need to do more cardio or more strength training? Listen to your body. You most likely need more strength training if your muscles feel weak. You most likely need more cardio if you get winded easily or are unable to recover your heart quickly after movement. 


Your biggest wellness struggle is? The mirror

What 5 foods do you believe encourage glowing skin?: Water, greens, avocado, salmon, nuts

What do you love about your work? Helping others. Community.

How do you create space for yourself or practice self-care? That is a work in progress for me, but I truly feel like I receive so much by giving. Being a part of the community and being able to serve and help others is what fills me.


TARYN-TOOMEY-MINIMODE-19App that most changed your life? Google Maps

Food delivery service that you swear by? Sakara Life

Do you schedule additional workouts into your life apart from the ones that you teach? SoulCycle with Laurie Cole, Katonah Yoga

How do you de-stress? Movement or spending time with my girlfriends.

What is your favorite healthy place to eat? The Fat Radish

Favorite workout gear/brands? Lululemon In The Flow pants with basic cotton workout tops that I knot in the back.



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