We’ve always known this but now we want to share the little secret – moms kick ass. Like, majorly. MINIMODE and fitness fashion powerhouse Bandier team up to feature the hottest moms indulging in the ultimate gift to yourself – looking and feeling great! Taking #fitspo to the next level to encompass mind and body, we learn what wellness means to them, how they stay strong and manage to look fabulous doing it.

Jodie Snyder is sensational, a previous Mom Crush, and one of the most charming, graceful, savvy women we know. Warm and easy with piercing blue eyes and a southern drawl to boot. She’s one half of the genius behind sought after jewelry brand Dannijo and let’s face it, the girl’s got endless style with an enviable collection of vintage and swoon-worthy fitness fashion. As CEO of her brand and mother to Margaux – an exceptionally well dressed MINI – Jodie is always on the go. We caught up with her for a moment to find out which workout she swears by (see below for crazy toned abs), her trick to scheduling fitness between travel and the fam, plus how working out with a partner makes the whole experience exponentially better. @jodiesnydermorel @dannijo 

Photographer: Sidney Bensimon @sidneybensimon

How do you start and end your day? I start my day when my daughter wakes up. She gets in bed with my husband as soon as she wakes up. I check my emails at the beginning and end of every day.

Where/how do you sweat? I do Pilates twice a week and boxing twice a week. I do Pilates at Real Pilates and boxing at Tribeca Sports Center with Carlos.


What does ‘Wellness’ mean to you? Finding balance and taking care of myself mentally and physically.

Tips on staying motivated to workout? Find a partner to work out with. I find it a lot more exciting and motivating to work out with my sister than by myself.

Your biggest wellness struggle is? I don’t ever get enough sleep.


What 5 foods do you believe encourage glowing skin? Blueberries, strawberries, eggs, almonds, tomatoes (water and olive oil are also great for glowing skin).

Thoughts on the latest crazes such as Rose Water, Coconut oil and Cardamom, etc.? I love coconut oil. I’m obsessed with VMV coconut oil and put it on my face every night before bed.

How do you de-stress? A bath always helps me de-stress as well as working out and getting out of the city on the weekends.

What do you love about your work? I’m constantly inspired.


How do you create space for yourself or practice self-care? It’s very important to find balance. I make time to workout four days a week and treat myself to massages or facials every once in a while. I always bring a bottle of water with me to stay hydrated although I never drink enough and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night (although I really need 8 hours).

App that most changed your life? Instagram.

Food delivery service that you swear by? Seamless for lunch, Max Delivery for groceries to cook at night and Postmates.

How do you schedule fitness into your life between baby, travel, late nights, work, life, etc.? I schedule my workouts Monday through Thursday so I don’t have to worry about it on the weekends and can just enjoy family time.


When you travel do you still make working out a priority? It’s hard to make it a priority when I’m traveling so I don’t worry about it. If I can work it into my schedule it’s a bonus. I always pack my tennis shoes hoping to find time to squeeze it in.

Favorite workout gear/brands? Outdoor Voices and Michi.


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