We’ve always known this but now we want to share the little secret – moms kick ass. Like, majorly. MINIMODE and fitness fashion powerhouse Bandier team up to feature the hottest moms indulging in the ultimate gift to yourself – looking and feeling great! Taking #fitspo to the next level to encompass mind and body, we learn what wellness means to them, how they stay strong and manage to look fabulous doing it.

Jenne Lombardo is one badass momma – with high-vibes abound, she’s an incredible combination of power and love. Mother to three MINIs, with an impressive career (founder of MADE Fashion Week and strategic branding and marketing firm The Terminal Presents) and a fitness style that borders on killer streetwear – we’re in total awe! We caught up with this sexy lady one afternoon to chat about her personal wellness hacks, how she stays motivated and fitness tips for when she is traveling. Join us for an energized convo with the ever-vibrant cool girl @jennelombardo

Photographer: Sidney Bensimon @sidneybensimon
MINIMODE-JENNE-LOMBARDO-10How do you start and end your day?  I wake up every morning to my boyfriend and my kids faces. All usually asking me lots of questions for 7 am – like – ‘Have you seen my lego piece?’ and ‘How many more days left until summer break?’ Once they leave for school around 8, I head to either Soul Cycle, SLT, EQUINOX or Nicole Winhoffer for a work-out. Afterwards I stop for a Clean Green protein smoothie from The Juice Press. 

Where/how do you sweat? I love to take back-to-back classes at Soul Cycle. Akin, Paige, and Emily T are my favorite instructors! I also take workout dance classes by my friend, Nicole Winhoffer. I try to do Flex Studios or SLT for my core 3 x’s a week. I most recently joined Equinox gym where I’ve been trying out all of their classes, so far I like Best Butt Ever!

What does ‘Wellness’ mean to you? Being happy, healthy, grateful, content and present.

Your personal wellness hack? I drink a lot of green juices, get regular colonics and take about 50 different vitamins a day including probiotics and fish oil pills.  I always have Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Wellness and Oil of Oregano in my kitchen for whenever I’m fighting a cold. I also try to drink a gallon of water a day.

Tips on staying motivated to workout? Commit to something and see it through. I need to work out for my mental stability and I love the results I see in my body and my booty. That is motivation enough!

Your biggest wellness struggle is? Effing portion control! I workout so much and am so ravenous – its hard for me to control my caloric intake. Oh and red wine! 

What 5 foods do you believe encourage glowing skin?: Aloe water, avocado, salmon, olive oil and probiotics!

Thoughts on the latest crazes such as Rose Water, Coconut oil and Cardamom, etc.? I use ’em all! Coconut oil is not just for the kitchen either (wink-wink).

How do you de-stress? Anything that involves me not having to talk. MINIMODE-JENNE-LOMBARDO-07

What do you love about your work? That it’s not a job.  I wake up everyday in love with the clients I get to work with, the people I get to meet. I love looking at everyday as a new opportunity to try something different and experiment with new business approaches.

How do you create space for yourself or practice self-care? It’s usually when I am working out. Or right now – sitting here – serving Jury Duty.

App that most changed your life? Groupon! Jamie on my team introduced it to me and I am addicted. I now have teeth whitening, lazer hair removal and god knows what cellulite diminishing service for like the rest of my life. 

Food delivery service that you swear by? Postmates for the endless opportunities and Sakara Life to get my delicious vegan on!

How do you schedule fitness into your life between kids, boyfriend, travel, late nights, work, life, etc.? I always try to workout twice a day. Usually both in the morning or sometimes once in the morning, once at night. When I travel, I have my workout schedule planned ahead for whichever city I’ll be in. 

When you travel do you still make working out a priority? Working out is always a priority. I frequent LA a lot which is easy because the Equinox and Soul Cycle is very close to where I usually stay. Even when I’m traveling other places, I always plan ahead. 

Are you teaching your kids about fitness? Of course! We have a gym mat at home and sometimes they’ll watch me in dance class, but I think their preferred form of physical activity borders on killing each-other and climbing on our house guests.

What is your favorite healthy place to eat? Juice Press, Butcher’s Daughter in NYC or Venice.

Favorite workout gear/brands? Bandier! All day – everyday. And of course one of my boyfriends sweatshirts! I love to smell him when we are apart.MINIMODE-JENNE-LOMBARDO-06


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