These girls are rad (period)…That’s the short and skinny of it!

Amri (one half of the Heymama duo) was introduced to me last year by a dear friend and we instantly hit it off, falling into topics we both could prattle on about for years, i.e. motherhood and fashion. At the same time, her and Katya (the other half of the duo, as you likely guessed) were launching Heymama, a global curated community of creative and entrepreneurial moms. Starting with instagram as their platform, together these girls set out to build a network of inspiring mamas. We spent the afternoon with these two beauties chatting about the benefits of working as a Mama-Boss team (a trend we’re seeing crop up, us included) and insight about their work-wife from the other’s perspective and to no surprise they know everything about one another…as a work-wife should! @heymamaco

Photographer: Nicki Sebastian @nickisebastianheymama_brooklyn-family-session-1-23

On your relationship as co-founders of HEYMAMA:

A: I couldn’t ask for a better co-founder. I feel like she’s reading my mind sometimes in the morning. I feel very lucky to be working with such a genuine, energetic, smart and passionate friend.

K: Amri and I work really well together. We’re like the same brain in some ways, but have some differences that help us work efficiently with what we do best.  We’re typically working and then stopping periodically to laugh about something we find hilarious. We always try to keep it fun and enjoy the process, and at times when one is feeling more stressed out we’re good at bringing the boat back to balance.

What you love about running a business with a friend and fellow mom: We are really supportive of each other and always to try to be accommodating to each other’s needs as far as time commitments to our kids and our lives. Being a start-up of course work is done any time we have a chance so it’s helpful that the person you texting with at all hours is someone you like and can laugh with. It makes the endless hours and work enjoyable because we totally laugh all the time.

On how you met:

A: We met through our little girls when they were 3 months old, sort of randomly. We had no friends in common and were in totally different social scenes if that’s even possible in New York. Our friendship grew slowly through playdates until we were at a point when we were hanging out every week.  

K: Could never get enough of this one and her family.  Our random meeting through motherhood is something that I’m so grateful for. 



Your mom style icons: Jane Birkin has always been one of my style icons, mama or not. Eva Chen because she always looks amazing. I know its such a cliche but I have to say Kate Moss too.. There are so many!! Miroslava Duma also.

A mom you have interviewed that left the biggest impression on you: I’ve been impressed by every mama I’ve interviewed but I just spoke to Christiane Lemieux of Dwell Studio this morning and gleamed some great business advice, you’ll have to head over to our site to check it out! I’m always most impressed by the women who have built their brands from the ground up and made it happen.

A mom that you have interviewed whose personal style you love: There is pretty much some element of every woman’s style I’m inspired by. I don’t really covet people’s total style but it’s little thing about them that inspire me, we had an amazing shoot with Celine Aagard last week and she always looks amazing just the right balance of fashion and timeless chic. 

3 wardrobe pieces should every woman own: Wow only 3 things? That’s hard! A signature jacket that you can throw over everything- depending on your style could be a moto jacket or a really cool blazer. Keep that on repeat. Jeans that make you look 5 pounds skinnier. At least one really amazing pre-styled outfit that you can throw on when you have an important meeting and zero time to think about what to wear

A little about Amri…

On personal style: I just like contradictions. I’m a minimalist hippie, in love with delicate boyish pieces. I like things pretty simple except when I fall for a totally wild card piece and that becomes everything to me.

Dream place to live: I’m a beach girl and my husband is a farm boy. We plan to eventually move to Byron Bay, Australia, which I don’t think you would really call a city, and have a farm up in the hills over looking the ocean. Can’t think of much better. I’m in love with the idea of wearing no shoes and growing all our own food, as long as we have Internet.

Biggest “pinch me” moment: There have been a lot of pinch me moments since we started heymama. I’m still totally shocked when people ask me what I do and they know our company and are like “Oh I follow you! I love what you guys are doing!” That’s the best feeling ever.

Your career pre-HEYMAMA: I was a fashion editor for over a decade curating cool products for major publications. It was a dream career for a shopping addicted girl in her 20’s.

Beauty routine:  Yikes.  I’ve always been way more into fashion than beauty, so this is almost kind of embarrassing. You can ask Katya she so excited to look in my make-up bag when we first became friends and when she finally got the chance, she was like “Where’s the goods??” For make-up I use a tinted moisturizer, lip-gloss and Maybelline mascara. My hair is really straight so I wash it with shampoo but no conditioner, don’t brush it, mist with sea spay and tie in a knot till dry to add texture. I love a body scrub and oil. To hydrate I’ve been spritzing this yummy Rosewater on my face every chance I get.

Exercise routine: I’ve always been a yoga girl and have been doing pre-natal pilates once a week with a trainer. Prenatal Yoga with Latham Thomas on Mama Glow at Aqua is a lifesaver. When I’m not carrying around a tiny human in my belly- I go to Yoga Shanti and Kula Yoga.

Philosophy on motherhood: I’m a very fly by the seat of my pants sort of mother. I just follow my gut, try to be real, remember to be gentle and patient 


heymama_brooklyn-family-session-1-63 wardrobe pieces should every woman own: White button down shirt that you love, flats you can go for miles in and a delicious cashmere sweater. 

Your biggest “pinch me” moment: I feel a pinch me moment once a day. I sometimes can’t believe I’ve created the life I live.  

A mom that you interviewed that left the biggest impression on you: I really loved Ivanka Trump’s interview which will be live in the next few weeks.  What she’s been able to achieve personally with such style and grace is impressive. 

A mom that you interviewed whose personal style you love: I have a major mom crush on Nicole Fasolino and Celine Aagard. 

A little about Katya…

Your personal: Downtown, eclectic, feminine. 

Dream place to live: I’ve always loved Berlin ever since I was in college, but Paris has my heart.

Your career pre-HEYMAMA: I was in sales and marketing, working as the Global Director of Sales for Social Media Week. I would travel and work with cool brands like Spotify and Google on different activations. I loved it. 

Philosophy on motherhood: I believe kids are wildly independent, smart and strong little people and try to respect her being and thoughts as much as I can. If we disagree, I give it 10 minutes before we reconvene to see if we can find middle ground. 9 times out of 10, if I give her just a little bit of space to come to her own conclusion, she’ll find the right choice on her own. You just have to let them experience life in their own way, nurturing them along to the best path you know.  

Your mom style icons: Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce.

Beauty routine: I have a secret obsession with Olga Klimov Skincare, a referral only skincare salon in Huntington, Long Island that I travel for. The facials are the best I’ve ever had and it’s nice to have your skin in the hands of the amazing mother-daughter duo there. 

Exercise routine: I am obsessed with Classpass! Try to hit it about 3 to 4 times per week, Brooklyn Body Burn and of course my alltime favorite is Kettlebell Kickboxing. 


Amri on Katya:

3 words to describe Katya: Generous, supportive, and smart.

On Katya’s personal style: Bohemian, New Yorker, eclectic

First impression of Katya when you initially met: We had a total mom crush moment. I was at her apartment for a playdate and loved her décor and the artwork in her place. We had a glass of wine and the rest is history.

Her business style and strengths: Katya is passionate about what we’re doing; she is so charismatic and really shines when giving a presentation. He biggest strength is her creativity. She comes up with a so many great concepts, ideas, and pitches just off the cuff. It makes brainstorming so much fun.

Katya’s dream place to live: Paris

Katya on Amri:

3 words to describe Amri: Supportive, loving and kind.  She’s the best. 

Amri’s personal style: Minimal, classic, black/white. 

First impression of Amri when you initially met: I thought she was the coolest girl ever and I wanted her to be my best friend. Mission accomplished! 

Her business style and strengths: Thoughtful, detail oriented and always has the right perspective on things. I often need Amri’s view on a scenario to bring clarity and she’s extremely dependable and hardworking! Even for being 7 months pregnant. 

Amri’s dream place to live: Byron Bay Australia! Hoping that never happens. 



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