Confessions of a Misfit Mom is a weekly series by MINIMODE co-founder Maria Benetos about her (many) mis-adventures in being a mom, recorded and published to make you feel better about your own parenting skills. You’re welcome.

OK, here we go. Let’s start by saying no one is perfect, and most definitely no parent is perfect so let’s reserve judgement for something more earth-shattering than not living up to the unrealistic parental ideals our society has created for us all. Or just choose to read no further because if you’re looking for excellence or idealism, here’s not the place. Each week, I’ll let you in on my inner thoughts, mom fouls and sometimes questionable antics – you know, stuff we all think and do as moms but never talk about. Well, I now feel like talking about it. Why? Mostly because of the the things I hear mothers from all walks of life (young, old, famous, stay at home, CEOs, you name it) tell us when we interview them for MINIMODE – how the standards have risen so high and the impeccable images we create on social media (guilty) so often make them feel like they’re failing or at least huffing and puffing to catch up as parents. Sometimes all you need to hear is someone’s else hot mess of a story to know that everything will be alright.

Since this is the grand introduction to this esteemed series, I’ll give you some details on me. I’m a mom to two girls, ages seven and five, live in downtown New York and am the co-founder of this very site. And now here is where you reserve judgment: I love to workout and getting my abs back post-pregnancy became a temporary life goal (truth), I cried through much of the first month of my first daughter’s life, I kind of hate bath time, I secretly got excited that I lost a couple of pounds after a recent non-life-threatening illness; last month I told my traditional European parents that I was going to a “girls retreat” in Tulum but really went down there to hear my favorite DJs spin; I used to have a hidden credit card to support my Net-a-Porter habit until I realized objects don’t equal happiness (you see… some redeeming qualities); I only pretend to try the brownies my daughter made in cooking class because, well, no sugar; I often dress like a teenage boy; I once took my two-year old out in a hurricane (more on that another day); I despise board games; I sometimes hide clothing items from my girls that I don’t like; and I often throw away the kids’ art work (gasp!). That said, I also volunteer in the lunch room, have been class parent, adore reading with my girls, am a pretty decent disciplinarian and love those kids more than anything on the planet. I added those last few things, that are indeed true, so you can like me. Oh, and I like people to like me. Hopefully I’ll see you again next week for a real post (remember, just like TV, pilot posts are never as good as the actual episodes… just saying).

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