Why is it so hard to find the perfect routine for kick-ass curls? I’m sure tons of people assume that being blessed with a head full of tendrils means you live a wash-and-go life . You’re so very wrong my friends! I’m Sai De Silva and this my mini me, London Scout, we’re the curly haired mother daughter lifestyle bloggers over at ScoutTheCity.com.

We’re so excited to team up with MiniMode and dish about our curly hair routine. Whether you or your kiddo has gorgeous locks, we will cover a quick how-to that is perfect for you!

All curly hair is not the same. Let’s face it, we all can’t use the same products just like we all can’t eat the same things, we’re made differently. Curls have become so popular that they had to categorize them.  Scout and I have type 3C curly hair which is full of volume. The hair is finer in texture, resembles tight corkscrews and is a little coarser than type 2 hair. 

Only use moisturizing shampoo when washing and gently brush the hair with a paddle brush and conditioner in the shower. Dry the hair with a microfiber towel to eliminate frizz. When styling the hair, try finger parting several sections and add styling cream as well a moisturizer to each section. I personally use a little coconut oil on our hair but for finer tendrils I would use a product that is a bit lighter.

After distributing product evenly throughout, use a diffuser to begin to dry the hair. Flip the head from side-to-side to dry and create a fuller head of hair. I add a little matifying powder to the roots once the hair is dry to really pump up the volume since I love big hair.

Violà! Now you have a head full of perfectly tamed curls. We will go into depth about different types of textures on our blog next week so don’t hesitate to stop by.


LS and Sai 



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