When our friend Amri, co-founder of Heymama, became pregnant with her second child we began taking style notes… a jumpsuit paired with a long blazer (oh yeah, I like that!) and a fitted calf-length dress with a motorcycle leather vest (oooh, good one!). All in all, she is one chic mama and when look after look had us coveting her style we decided something had to be done(!) i.e. hang out, chat fashion and take some pics. So we did just that and headed out to Amagansett for a morning of dress-up and gabbing about what she’s dying to wear post baby belly… basically anything with a waist. @heymamaco


Pregnancy tips for moms on the go: Organize your closet. Put everything that doesn’t fit away and all the things that you can wear right now up to the front of your closet. Don’t even think about grabbing anything out of the too small sections. This limited selection makes it easy to get out of the door fast. Have a look at what you have and sort of plan ahead so you have options on hand for meetings, events, casual – at least one option for each. You are totally allowed to wear the same thing over and over when you’re pregnant.

3 quick tricks or style secrets that you can share which make you feel instantly better or transform your look while pregnant:

  1. + Jewelry – it fits all the time; take advantage
  2. + Manicures – fresh nails make me feel like new woman
  3. + Showcase your smallest parts – my arms are skinny so I’m wearing sleeveless things as long as possible to things with fitter arms.


Brands you have been wearing: For maternity lines: HATCH for my NY day to day, Mitera for events and important meetings, Stork for layering and Jbrand for maternity jeans.

What do you love about pregnancy style that you can’t do when you’re not preggers? Ha! I don’t know if I love anything about pregnancy style but you get a hall pass to roll up to a dressy dinner in jeans or flats for sure! Oh and you can wear practically the same thing everyday and just say that’s all that fits you.

What is the biggest challenge to dressing when expecting? I have body dysmorphia!! I have no idea what size I am. I try to squeeze through small spaces and pull on things that are way too small. See answer to question one on how I deal with this. Everything too small must be put away or I’ll waste an hour and make a giant mess trying to get it on. Even my underwear are too small. I’m in denial. I’m completely confused when I see myself out of the corner of my eye in a reflection.

What are you looking forward to wearing again post-bump? Anything with a waist! 


Has your personal style changed at all since being preggers? Not too much. I usually like to layer a lot, and layers on a pregnant girl don’t look so great. So I really just try to keep it simple.

Are you wearing non-maternity clothing? If so what? Rachel Comey, A.L.C., Rebecca Taylor, Thakoon, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Stella McCartney. Plus I have bunch of loose fitting things that I saved for baby bump number two from my regular wardrobe over the last few years.

Have you established a preggers uniform? Lots of jumpsuits but beyond that, I was very much about loose easy dresses in the summer. Now that fall is here, I’m settling into a skinny jeans and loose tops mixed with some stretchy tight dresses… and more jumpsuits. A tight base with chunky knit is always good.


Are you all about accentuating the belly or hiding it? I go both ways!! Now that I’m in the third trimester I go fitted, but I did a lot of loose in the beginning stages. At this point I look much better in fitted… I threw a trench over my outfit the other day without looking in the mirror and looked like a house!

Does Mari recognize that you have a baby in your belly? What is her take on your belly and the new baby? Totally she tells everyone her mama has a baby in her belly. She’s thrilled!! Mari has been asking me to order a baby from Amazon for a long time; which means we definitely do too much online shopping. She talks to her sister. The belly gets a kiss goodbye all the time too, which is super cute except she wants to pull my shirt up to kiss it.. not so cute at school.



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