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I just love any beauty product that has the words “night” or “sleep” in its name. It means it’s either going to help bring on some zzzzzzs (priceless for this insomniac) or going to provide me some sort of beauty service that I’m too lazy to take care of during the day (probably because I’m so exhausted from said insomnia). Which mom doesn’t want to wake up looking hotter than she did when she went to sleep the night before? Just saying…

From an elixir that promises more luxurious locks overnight to a pillow that helps combat signs of aging, these are the items that take beauty sleep to the next level.

Herbivore Moon Fruit Night Treatment
This otherworldly, multi-tasking treatment has been called the “night cream of your dreams” and for very good reason. It’s packed with superfruits that nourish and gently resurface your skin while you sleep, reviving its natural glow and giving you a fresh-faced look by the time the alarm sounds.

This Works Hair Elixir
This 2-in-1 problem solver is a beauty must for moms who appreciate a good multi-tasker – and let’s face it, in a time-compressed world, who doesn’t? Simply mist this deeply relaxing natural treatment through mid-lengths and dry ends, and enjoy better sleep and lovelier hair when you wake.

Dirty Lemon Sleep
Our go-to functional beverage brand has taken on sleep… and we’re impressed! Dirty Lemon Sleep contains slumber-inducing magnesium as its primary ingredient, along with rose water, cold-pressed lemon juice, and a “sleep blend” made of lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile. Sip your way to a more restful night’s sleep.

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask
An overnight antioxidant mask that lives up to all its promises. With algae extract for a major radiance boost and a patented barrier-bolstering complex that helps lock in moisture and keep out irritants, this wonder product will leave you with calm, quenched skin – especially crucial in these harsh winter months.

Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow
If you are in constant search of beauty sleep, this is the pillow for you. The Beauty Bear has a unique U-shape design to cradle the face and neck, improving the quality of your rest and helping to minimize the line impressions that can be etched into the skin from side sleeping.

Dirty Lemon makes better beverages to drink daily – each product features botanicals, herbal extracts and natural compounds blended to optimize your daily routine. Their new [sleep] formula blends magnesium, rose water, lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile in a daily beverage designed to maximize your (elusive) beauty sleep. Want to try?  Text them @ 917-588-0640


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