Life before kids looked something like this:

Friend: “Hey, want to go to dinner in 30?”

Me: “Yes! Grabbing my bag, I’ll meet you there.”

Life post child-rearing:

Friend: “Want to have dinner in 30?”

Me: “Sure! In 30 minutes and 3 weeks, I should be able to swing a sitter, but not entirely sure. Let’s just say yes, but really I mean maybe. I’ll text the three half responsible babysitters I know and see if anyone is available at which time I’ll text you back to let you know and we’ll just pray she doesn’t cancel. On further thought, you may just want to have a back-up plan for dinner that night, or rather, maybe we should cancel the whole thing now as a precaution. Just saying.”

Super spontaneous, I know. Also v. Sexy.

So yeah, this was my life up until recently. Enter Hello Sitter – a newish app that has fast become my literal savior. Now, before you roll your eyes at yet another miracle app, hear me out. This past Tuesday we had a snowstorm in NYC, which I’d say the majority of people stayed home for the day. I’d previously been invited to a 60 person dinner some two weeks before which I RSVPed to attend and never bothered to book a sitter – because, why would I? (Read: in my pre-app life I’d have been scrambling from the moment I’d received said invitation to secure a sitter.) Come Tuesday, big storm and all, the dinner was confirmed to commence at 7p. Around 3p I thought about the sitter, but then got distracted and didn’t book one. Come 4p I figured I might as well get organized, therefore, I opened the app, set the time for 7p arrival – because super awkward to be right on time – and chose a couple of the sitters who’s profiles I liked, one of which I’d used before. Then set the return time and voila(!), within 10ish minutes I had a sitter confirmed in a snowstorm a mere 3 hours before the event was set to begin! One word: game-changer.

One of the hardest parts for me personally about becoming a mom was the loss of spontaneity. The quick drink, the last minute meet, whatever it is, I like things to be easy and not always a big “to-do.” I probably use the app 2-3 times a week without ever an issue. I’ll warn you, the rates may be a touch higher then that of the girl you have logged into your phone, but in return you have a system that deals with all the things. Imagine at the end of the night not fumbling for cash to pay your sitter when all you really want, is for them to leave because it’s all done automatically through the app or being able to last minute book a sitter for 2 hours or more.

Initially when I discovered Hello Sitter, the most challenging part for me was getting over the hump of not knowing who was going to be with my child, but now after having met so many wonderful girls and knowing that the sitters are all pre-vetted, it’s become a total non-issue. Honestly ladies, I can’t recommend it enough!

So far the app is available only in NYC/Brooklyn but will be expanding to Hamptons this summer. @hello_sitter

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