I recall as a child that my father was obsessed with buying my mom jewelry each holiday season. In his practical, rags-to-riches Greek-immigrant way of thinking, each piece was an investment and not just some throw-away item that would only last a season or two. The thinking was spot on but as was often the case with the generation that preceded us, the execution was sometimes a bit too precious. Therefore all that beautiful jewelry that captivated me as a girl was only seen a couple of times a year on very special occasions, making my mom wish my dad was more of a handbag and shoe type of person. Well, things have changed – that shit is now meant to worn… a lot!

Even just a decade or two ago, fine jewelry was intimidating. It was bought in a jewelry store or passed down to you and barely saw the light of day. It’s totally different now – fashion fine jewelry is really accessible, wearable and speaks to each woman’s sense of personal style. The thing is, it remains inherently sentimental, making it the perfect gift, especially for moms. For every piece of jewelry I own, I remember who gave it to me, why, when and where. I can look down at my badass Eva Fehren Sergeant ring that I never take off and it brings a smile to my face to recall my four-year old daughter’s excited face as she handed me the sloppily wrapped gift box a few Christmases back. That story is stuck to that piece of jewelry. As someone who is infamously not nostalgic, there is something powerful about that. For those of you that would like a little of that sentimentality (or just some bling) in your life, these are the jewelry designers who are rocking the fashion world right now yet still create pieces that will stand the test of time.

Finn creates jewelry that’s slightly whimsical but with such fine craftsmanship it renders the pieces classic and timeless. Launched in 2005 by Creative Director Candice Pool, the youthful line’s themed collections include Hearts & Arrows, Love Knots and Looking Glass, featuring their popular scapular and wing pendant necklaces. Between pistol studs and an arrowhead bolo tie, you can see the brand’s sense of humor which has grown to attract an A-list roster of mom fans like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gretchen Mol and Gisele Bundchen.


It’s crazy to think that Jacquie Aiche was virtually unknown five years ago, since she has quickly established herself as a need to know designer for stylists and luminaries alike. Her signature body chains and finger bracelets bring some much needed cool factor to the often-conservative world of high-end jewelry. It’s the unlikely combination of her two richly storied heritages, Egyptian and American, that creates her signature aesthetic – her pieces are the sartorial embodiment of ethereal ease with a just hint of rebellion. My kind of girl!


From the moment I was introduced to Eva Fehren jewelry I was hooked, slowing amassing a mini collection of her bold yet feminine pieces, since they are just so darned wearable and chic! Handcrafted in shades of 18k gold adorned with pavé gemstones, the architectural pieces are detailed with such geometric motifs as zigzags, spikes and crisscrosses. “I’m driven by the energy of New York City, the everyday and the juxtaposition of grit and grandiose beauty. I love diamonds that look like cement.” says the designer. Trust, you won’t be able to stop at just one.


Paige Novick has been admired by the industry for her creative eye, refined aesthetic and ability to infuse jewelry with a healthy dose of modern romance and rebellion. The designer subscribes to the proclamation, “the ordinary life does not interest me.” Her jewelry, therefore, reflects this desire to be extraordinary. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, her pieces possess a sophistication that’s both playful and unexpected, while bridging the gap between timeless and contemporary. If you’re looking for pretty, this is the jewelry brand for you.


Suneera is inspired by special pieces that could be passed on from generation to generation – in other words, perfect jewelry for moms! Each understated yet elegant piece from founder Suneera Swarup and her daughter Ana is handmade in their Los Angeles-based studio and reveals a love affair with rose-cut diamonds, emeralds and Australian opals. Designed to be layered and mixed together, these are special pieces that evoke nostalgia yet remain highly relatable to today’s woman.


Pulling inspiration from her Lebanese heritage and her world travels, London-based designer Noor Fares combines her eclectically modern aesthetic with tradition craftsmanship to create a truly striking collection of fine jewelry. Her strong belief in the talismanic quality of jewelry, as a carrier of special meaning and stones imbued with a certain mysticism, informs her work. Lucky motifs feature heavily in her collections – many designs are engraved on the inside with an eye, which is thought to offer the wearer protection.


Céline Daoust has always been fascinated by stones – so much so, she travels back and forth to Jaipur several times each year where she meticulously chooses each stone she will work with. Drawing inspiration from nature and the symbolic values of the gems, she focuses on playing with contrasts like rough and precious elements. All her jewelry is made by hand in a remarkable palette of tourmaline jewels, which grow in an environment rich in liquids with some of those liquids captured as inclusions during the crystal growth. She considers these inclusions as an essential element to the nature of the stone. The imperfections are celebrated… something we can all relate to.


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