A handful of years (give or take) out of high school now and I’ve seemingly found myself right back there, only the attitudes are more complex and the backpacks are now designer. Since learning to navigate the school social scene, it’s apparent that some things still hold true — the cool kids aren’t that cool, meanness is just insecurity projected and getting the invite to the hottest birthday party doesn’t really matter in the end. Frankly, the parallels between high school and mom-hood are hilarious, slightly unnerving and continue to be predictable as all hell. That said, here are the five ways that we’ve found ourselves back in HS again… 


Like a force of nature, no matter the age, women tend to congregate. Whether you’re the Workout Warrior or the Ultra-Mom from Which Type of School Mom Are You?making it into the school-mom-clique of your choice can be make or break with the potential to define your kid’s future. Ha! Not really, but actually finding a group of moms you jam with makes the whole experience that much more fun.

Note: Have you found your mom tribe?


Like the hall monitors of yore, she’s the Tracey Flick of adult-hood, manages to over-achieve at everything and has made it her mission to be the rule keeper  — you know who she is. Then, in stark contrast, there are those that are not that, not even in the slightest. This dueling force is oddly akin to themes we’ve previously seen such as student body vs slackers or jocks vs nerds. In the mom world, this duality tends to manifest as the working moms vs the stay-at-home-moms or the helicopter moms vs the casual moms — every school has them.

Note: Navigate with care, so as not to be pigeonholed.


You know which one I’m talking about. The party. The coveted party thrown by the mom that always manages to look impeccable and can host an elaborate detail-oriented birthday for 50 toddlers at the drop of a hat. Similar to high school, you’ve heard whispers of the pending bash throughout the halls and eagerly await the Paperless Post to hit your inbox.

Note: Getting this invite requires a lot of pre-gaming effort on your part — but I warn, it may not be all it’s cracked up to be.


Style status – in short – has always existed. In HS, it was the girl with the latest choker from Claire’s that reined supreme and in the land of moms, it’s the latest Celine. Some moms manage to look polished at drop-off and others have a “just rolled out of bed” vibe — which are you?

Note: Looking pulled together no matter where you are, I’d argue, is mui importante. But, you do you!


Similar to our formative years, there’ve always been those that can stay out late and those that can’t — yah know, the cool kids that went to all the parties with seemingly no curfew. In the mom world, that translates to sitters and how often you employ them in order to moderately manage this whole motherhood/work/social life thing compared to those mommas that stay-in every night with the kiddos and rarely call on sitters. To each their own!

Note: Said this before and I’ll say it again. Making time for yourself mama is not only A-OK, it’s encouraged — everyone benefits. Food for thought.

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