Hair is kind of Alba and my thing, I wear mine natural and she likes hers styled. Trouble is updos and french braids, etc. are not exactly my strong suit, therefore I took a cue from the last couple seasons of fashion shows to find inspiration that we could easily replicate. So here goes! 5 looks that you can do from home to get you through a weeks worth of kiddie dos making you a hair hero!

Look #1: The Top Knot Plus (Inspired by DKNY)

Top knots are trending and they are even cooler when worn on a kid. The top knot is created by pulling a 3″ section at the top of the hair and bringing it back to the crown. Then pretend you are making a ponytail, except don’t pull it all the way through in order to create the bun shape. From there, add a little texture with a series of small hair bands in succession originating from the top knot and finish off with a pulling a strand back from the temple above the ear to the hair band accessorized piece and fasten.

Look #2: The Modified Half Up Half Down (Inspired by Matthew Williams)

Super easy with a hint of whimsy, this style can be done in minutes. All you need is a transparent small hairband (find below). First, brush out the hair so easily manageable, then from the right and left side temples collect about 1/2″ of hair and bring towards back. From there, meet in the middle-back and secure the hair with the clear hairband and voila(!) You will be the hero of your daughter, making her runway

Look #3: The Braided French Twist (Inspired by Tom Ford)

Now this one, although looks more complicated, is easily created. Equipment that is needed – a regular color match hair band plus 4 bobby pins. Create a low side braid that originates from under your MINIs right side ear and fasten at the bottom with the hair band. From there you wrap along side of head starting backwards first and twist toward the front, then tuck end of braid into hair and pin to secure in place.


Look #4: The Low (Pretzel) Pony (Inspired by Erin Fetherston)

Here is a great way to spice up your average ponytail… this begins with pulling two equal pieces back from each side above the ear/temple area and creating little ponytails with each piece. With the remaining hair, create a low ponytail and fasten with another hairband. With the two side “tails” bring to the center and tie a knot around the back low pony and pin in place. Way to save the (hair) day!


Look #5: The Front French Braid (Inspired by Herve Leger)

Lastly, Alba loves this one because she says it looks like a princess… I did my best here, although slightly modified from the inspo pic 🙂 Gather about 3″ of hair from the left side and begin a french braid, adding in pieces as you go over the top of the head and down the right side past the back of the ear and fasten with a hairband and pin with a bobby. Then, pull the remaining hair back to into a half pulled ponytail and she will be set to feel magical all day!


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