In short the answer to everything seems to be – EAT YOUR GREENS! That, and balance. Seems so simple and yet so elusive. I’m a firm believer of eating well, pretty much all of the time. To me this means, mostly greens, don’t eat the kid’s leftover mac&cheese plus my own dinner and by all means, never stand around the kitchen alone eating ice cream, but DO have wine when desired and if out will friends, the mood is festive and a giant ice cream sundae is presented, by all means EAT IT! I think the goal is to make conscious decisions around food and wellness as best we can while equally important to enjoy life without too much restriction.

However, with all of that said, we still have more complex questions and we’re constantly asked by our readers some of these same questions. We tapped the lovely Whitney and Danielle of Sakara Life to answer what’s on all of our minds – fire away ladies! @sakaralife


If you’re only able to incorporate one new wellness habit into life, what would it be? Eat your greens every day! Eating 4 to 6 cups of leafy greens daily is our #1 secret to better health. It transforms your gut microbiome, which is the secret to glowing skin, better digestion, balanced hormones, increased energy, lower risk of disease… you name it, greens do it.


Best ways to get protein if you’re aiming for a plant-based diet?  One of the top questions we get is “will I get enough protein on a plant-based diet?”  The answer is YES!  It’s a myth that you can’t get enough protein on a plant-based diet. In fact, with Sakara’s plant-based meals, you can get up to 40% more than your daily requirement and you get all the amazing benefits that come with eating plants, like lots of important fiber (which 97% of people are deficient in!), phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and water. 

So why is everyone so obsessed with protein?Protein does play a vital role in thousands of biological processes like giving cell walls their structure, transporting and storing key nutrients, repairing tissues (such as bones, skin, hair and muscles) and helping the body rid itself of toxins and waste. But the protein myth is real, as we’re often taught that more is better and that it only comes from animals or dairy. We (along with thousands of medical doctors and scientific studies) are here to dispel that myth and confirm that plant protein is abundant, powerful and nourishing.  Plus, plant protein is alkalizing, healing and nutrient dense, while animal proteins have been found to be inflammatory and linked to a number of diseases.

If you eat a variety of whole foods of plant origin (vegetables, legumes, 100% whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds) and not refined food-like products, it is very unlikely that you could be deficient in protein intake, even if your needs are higher (after major surgery, for example). So if you get enough whole plant foods every day, you will get enough protein.


Top anti-inflammatory foods to combat puffiness/tiredness? Load up on the leafy greens (YES, greens again!) to provide energizing vitamins and minerals as well as nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Bitter foods (like the functional herbs in our Digestive Tea) are great for stimulating the liver, supporting digestion and beating bloat. And make sure you’re getting your healthy fats (from coconut, nuts/seeds and fresh cold-pressed oils) to balance your hormones and provide sustained energy.


Best ingredients to promote youthful/glowing looking skin? Eat your water! Hydrating foods (like romaine lettuce, melon, tomatoes and cucumbers) will provide deep, sustained cellular hydration and plump up your skin cells from within, which will give you an even complexion and a youthful, sexy glow. Make sure you’re eating a colorful diet with a wide variety of antioxidants to fight signs of aging, as well as healthy fats to improve nutrient absorption and assimilation. But our latest beauty secret? 100% plant-based phytoceramides, found in our new Beauty Chocolates. Phytoceramides are natural lipids that reinforce the cell barrier and help the skin retain moisture, and they are clinically proven to make skin look younger, healthier and brighter in two weeks with daily use.


How would you recommend course-correcting after a poor day of eating sugar, alcohol and lots of big meals? We don’t believe in punishing yourself for enjoying your favorite cocktail or dessert. Living a healthy lifestyle is about balance! That said, a Sakara meal delivery program is a great way to reset your system after a weekend of less-than-clean eating. We take all the guesswork out of it and deliver clean, nutritionally designed meals to your door ready to eat. As a quicker fix, our Detox Water is perfect for the morning after an indulgent night out. It contains chlorophyll, a plant pigment that binds to toxins and removes them from the body, as well as trace minerals like magnesium which supports toxin elimination. 


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