Let’s start with two things about Vetements. First, it’s not actually a single designer but rather an anonymous design collective out of Paris helmed by head designer Demna Gvasalia. Second, it’s pronounced Vet-mahn and it’s French for “clothes.” Simple enough. So how did a brand consisting mostly of sweatshirts, jeans and tees with only a few seasons under its belt become the fashion industry’s most talked about names – and at the same time have a million different haters and nay-sayers despite the fact the clothes sell out immediately?

They have been called a “disruptive fashion brand” and an “antidote to high fashion” by Vogue and Gvasalia himself has said the secret to their success is “real clothes and liberated thinking.” With the fashion world craving and responding to legit street style of the non-Fashion Week variety this all sounds fine and good… but did I mention a pair of their reworked Levi’s can go for $1,500 and a simple hoodie for a grand? This kind of puts their sly vision of clothes for “ordinary people” into question. And to many, it’s just really expensive ugly clothing. And yet the pieces fly out of stores the moment they are put out. Smartly, the brand puts a cap on the number of items a retailer can buy, thus creating more demand.

So is Vetements the breath of fresh air everyone claims it is, putting clothing first and foremost and leaving behind high fashion’s weighty concepts and themes? I adore fashion but not for me. They say are rejecting traditional standards of beauty with their skater-influenced hoodies and extra-long-sleeve tees but take a look at the real “real” people on the streets and you’ll see that these types of clothes are what most people are already wearing (OK, minus the super long sleeves). The Vetements x Canada Goose camo puffer above is undoubtably the “It” piece of the season – and I agree it is indeed super chic – just not worth the same amount as a monthly mortgager payment in this girl’s eyes. That will not stop it from selling out at the blink of an eye though…


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