I am what is known as a working mom because I’m a mom that, well, works. As opposed to a dad that works who is simply known as, well, a dad. That however, is a topic for another day. Today I’m simply taking a moment to vent about the top 10 things that get this mother (who happens to have a job) worked up every now and again. These are my personal pet peeves and concerns – yours may be different or perhaps you can relate. Either way, let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. I’m not “choosing work over my children,” but rather I’m making the conscious decision to do both. It may be from a personal need or it may be a want, but that’s really not the point here. Let’s start accepting that there are all types of parents and parenting styles and if a child is loved and cared for, let’s reserve judgement and instead choose to support each other in our decisions as mothers.

2. If you assume that I feel like our country is going backwards in terms of policy and the conversations that surround moms at work and equal pay… well, that part is indeed very true. So this vent goes to policy-makers: get with it.

3. Maternity leave is not, I repeat NOT, a “vacation” as I’ve heard some people refer to it as. Paid parental leave has long-reaching benefits to mothers, children and ultimately to companies as it only increases the number of qualified women who choose to stay in the workforce.

4. My life is neither glamorous or high powered – it’s simply my life.

5. I can take my kids to school, arrive at work a half hour after everyone else and still outwork most people in my department. My point? Flexible hours will only increase my productivity at work.

6. Do not assume I am automatically judging you for being a stay at home mom. I’m not. We’re all in this together!

7. In stark contrast to what society tells you, I am not trying to “have it all.” Not to go back to the working dad thing but when was the last time that statement was used to describe a father with a career? Just sayin’.

8. Sometimes I want to be left alone. I adore and sometimes miss my kids, of course, but I also need time to myself outside of work and my role as a mother. So every now and again, allow me some good, old-fashioned “me” time.

9. This one is more of a confession: for the most part, I let my kids wear whatever the f**k they want to school, as long as they stay within certain boundaries. I do this for two reasons: first, it allows them to express themselves through the clothing choices they make and second, it get us out the door all that much faster in the AM!

10. Schools, stop scheduling sh*t in the middle of the day if you actually want me to attend.

So there! The end.

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